Zamanguni Gumede Cause of Death? Mampintsha’s Mother Zamanguni Gumede Passed Away at 64

In recent news, Mampintsha’s mother, Zamanguni Gumede has died. The news is being circulated on the internet and has gotten the interest of everyone. People have gotten saddened to learn about her demise and due to this reason, they are rushing to social media to pay the deceased lady heartfelt tributes. The saddening piece of news was shared by Zamanguni’s daughter Pinki Gumede. She said that she passed away unexpectedly and she claimed to have paid her a visit during the day. Read the article below to get the complete details.

Talking about Zamanguni’s death, Pinki further said that when she left her, she seemed to be fine and that she was even telling them jokes and they were all laughing. She went on to say that when she left her, she was in high spirits and she really thought she was getting better. Explaining further, Pinki said that she was about to sleep when she received a call from the hospital and she was told to rush her bedside because she wanted to see them.

Zamanguni Gumede Cause of Death?

When she got there, Zamanguni was already in drips and was surrounded by the doctors and nurses who were trying to assist her. Following the announcement of the news, people have been coming to social media to pay her sincere tributes. No one seems to believe the fact that she has gone. Talking about Zamanguni Gumede’s cause of death, Pinki said that her mother was having difficulties since 2016 and that her son’s passing had worsened them.

However, she did not really reveal the actual cause of death that claimed her life at such a mere age. People are getting curious to know what happened to her but that remains to be unknown. Zamanguni Gumede was the mother of the well-known musician Mampintsha. For those unversed, Mampintsha is a recording artist and a producer from Umrazi, South Africa. It is reported that the musical ensemble Big Nuz was founded by him only.

Mampintsha managed to gain popularity among netizens across the world ever since he released hits with Kwaito. Since then, he has been enjoying all the fame coming his way. Reports confirm that the recording artist happens to be 40 years old now. He went on to work with several musicians including Kid Mokoena from Why Not Entertainment. Keep following Social Telecast and get all the latest updates and trending news happening around the world.

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