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YouTube Prankster Who Interrupted Match Of The Day Struck Before With Sex Noise Stunt At BBC

A West Midlands YouTuber who used overtly sexual noises to interrupt Match of the Day’s live coverage of an FA Cup match has previously used the same trick on the BBC. At 6am, Daniel Jarvis played what appeared to be a female moan during a live report from a political reporter outside Westminster.

liar from WolverhamptonUse suspicious pornstar noise as bbc Presenter Gary Lineker speaks ahead of third-round replay between Wolves and Liverpool molyneux Tuesday, January 17. The presenter shared a photo of the phone found in the studio and tweeted: “Fun as the destruction unfolds.”

He tweeted: “Yes, I pranked the BBC Match of the Day with a sex call 🙂 Video coming soon!!! @BMWJARVO BEST Prankster EVER!!!!” The BBC’s Emma Vardy was responsible for the prank as she covered Brexit live on BBC Breakfast before returning to the studio.

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YouTube prankster Daniel Jarvis claims he’s behind Molineux’s porn noise stunt.

He shared a 59-second clip of the incident on his Twitter page earlier today. Then you can hear: “I think she’s alive now, she’s got her script now, walk away” and then the sex noise plays multiple times. “I’ve pranked the BBC @EmmaVardyTV with sex sounds before :),” he tweeted.

At the end of the transition, Emma took off her headphones and complained to her cameraman about the interruption. She also seemed to be looking at the source of the noise.

The video has been viewed thousands of times, and some people found it hilarious. But not everyone found the stunt funny, with one user tweeting: “But it’s sad when you think about it. It was 6am so you’d probably be up at 4am to do it that matter.”

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