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Youssef Zalal and Da’Mon Blackshear Fight to Draw

Youssef Zalal and Da’Mon Blackshear, UFC San Diego ceremony weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Former CFFC bantamweight champion Da’Mon Blackshear has been given a short notice at UFC San Diego to face Youssef Zalal.

After three consecutive losses, Zalal was in a must-win situation on Saturday.

Victory did not come. Then again, there is no loss.

Both men kicked a lot in order to start the fight. Zalal didn’t land and Blackshear was chopping off the leading leg. Zalal arranged a nice knockout that knocked out Blackshear without a problem. Blackshear raised his legs to threaten the triangle, but Zalal kept his composure and never faced any real danger. Blackshear pushes the hips away to try the heel hook. It didn’t work, but it allowed him to scramble to get it back. After being on his back for almost the entire round, Blackshear ended the round on Zalal’s back.

Blackshear pushed forward to start the second round and shot in an early knockout. Blackshear did complete the demolition and retake. The position was a little too loose when Zalal escaped and took the top spot and reclaimed it himself. Blackhill defended so well that he escaped and created a fight to get back on his feet. In a pinch, Blackhill changed levels and jumped behind Zalar in a standing body triangle. Blackshear threatened RNC, but ended the round at the back.

In the final round Zalal fired a nice jab to start the round. Most likely Zalal needs to finish and is moving forward mixing it. Blackshear was visibly tired, while Zalal had a good landing speed. Blackshear shot desperately with one leg, but Zalal defended. On a few occasions, Zalal had Blackshear curled up on the cage, but nothing came clean. Zalar did kick and did seem to hurt Blackhill. Another heavy body kick hit the ground and it folded Blackhill. Over time, Zalal emptied the tank, trying to send the referee in with ground and pounding. He couldn’t get Herb Dean to step on it, but ended up with a mount in the dominant round.

The end result: The two referees tied the game, with Zalal leading 10-8 in the third.

Official result: Da’mon Blackshear draws with Youssef Zalal (29-28, 28-28, 28-28)


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