Your dominant personality traits are revealed by which animal you see first in this strange optical illusion.

A CRAZY optical illusion claims that depending on which animal you see first, it can reveal your dominant personality traits.

The mind-boggling visual depicts a series of animals, with the first one you spot revealing some personal information.

According to Times Now, despite the skepticism of viewers, experts back up the explanation.

Artist D.L Rust created the optical illusion, and he is known for his work based on wildlife and nature.

If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself and be truthful.

Which animal did you see first?

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You are charismatic, influential, have a sense of humour, and despise boredom if you first saw zebras.

You’re a people person who feels insecure when you’re alone due to your love of company.

Your outward personality and flawless communication skills draw people to you.

The first puzzler to see a lion is said to have a strong will and determination that distinguishes them from others.

You’re a natural-born leader with a tendency to be dominant, much like the king of the jungle.

You enjoy challenges because they allow you to demonstrate your abilities and make you feel successful.

If you see the lion and the zebras together, it means you’re a good leader who can multitask.

You have a natural ability to strike a balance between power and humility.

Only 5% of those who saw the lion and the zebras reported seeing both.

Finally, keen observers noticed the bird perched on the zebra’s nape in the center, just beneath the lion’s right eye.

You prefer order and believe that nothing you do is worthwhile unless it is flawless.

This all-or-nothing attitude is admirable, but it can also be exhausting at times.

The way you perceive an optical illusion reveals your thought processes and determines whether you are a left-brain or right-brain thinker.

Individuals who use their right brain more are creative and intuitive, while those who use their left brain more are analytical, logical problem solvers.

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