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Yazmin Jauregui Takes Decision Over Fellow Newcomer Iasmin Lucindo

Yazmin Jauregui, UFC San Diego ceremony weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

The two UFC rookies faced off on Saturday’s UFC San Diego card, with strawweights Yazmin Jauregui and Iasmin Lucindo going down.

At just 20 years old, Lucindo started her fighting career at 14 and stepped in for a short period of time.

Jauregui is not very old, she herself is only twenty-three years old. Both could one day be an important part of the sector’s future.

Jauregui and Lucindo had a tough start from the start, with Jauregui landing a bit cleaner. Subsequently, Lucindo failed. They both decided to swap, and Lucindo did hurt Jauregui briefly. Jauregui does a good job of mixing kicks in her mix. Lucindo got a good combo but had a nice counter left by Jauregui. Jauregui landed lightly with a header in the final minute of the bout and was able to fend off Lucindo’s knockout.

In the second round, Jauregui got a good combination that caught Lucindo’s attention. The best of the two came from another fierce encounter with Jauregui, which hurt Lucindo and forced her to hold on tight. Jauregui defended and continued to work hard. Lucindo’s deal with Jauregui is great, but only one step behind in those deals. A heated exchange between the two ladies ended the second round and both got some good licks.

In the final round, Jauregui’s early counterattacks were increasing. Lucindo continued to spin his body to the well, but was unaffected. She did start the exchange with heavy legs, though. Jauregui continues to move her head nicely during the exchange. She patted Lucindo’s head back with a beautiful left hand. Lucindo was very tough and fought hard at the final bell; however, Jauregui won by unanimous decision.

Official result: Yazmin Jauregui def. Iasmin Lucindo unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


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