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Yazmin Jauregui and Iasmin Lucindo

Iasmin Lucindo, UFC San Diego ceremony weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

The UFC will return to San Diego, California this Saturday night. The thrilling fight between Dominic Cruz and Marlon Villa made headlines at UFC San Diego. In the strawweight bout, Yazmin Jaregui was supposed to be greeted by Istria Nunes, but Nunes pulled out with an injury. Now filling that spot is another prospect who debuted at Iasmin Lucindo.

Yazmin Hauregui
Standing 5’3″
115 lb (strawweight) fight
23 years old
Fighting in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Training at JacksonWink
8-0 career record

How Jauregui is doing in the UFC:

Jauregui was very exciting and had six out of eight completions, a completion rate you don’t see in WMMA. Jauregui has a solid ground game, but he’s a super serious striker. Her hands are sharp, but what sets her apart is her rhythm and volume. She jumps in and out a lot and fights in a hurry. Jauregui never throws a single strike and always throws volume. Instead of just two throws, she throws multiple strikes in one. Doing this with a mix of kicks as well. She literally threw everything, including the kitchen sink. At times, Jauregui was too stressed and sat in his pocket for too long. She doesn’t mind a ton for multiple strikes, though.

Jauregui gets hit at times, but she’s a great counter-attacker. She did get knocked down, but made things extremely difficult. She is good at hitting the wrist and knows how to use the lower hook and loop. Even when she gets knocked down, she does the right thing to scramble to get up. Jauregui is a damage-inflicting fighter that usually hits you three rounds or ends the show within five minutes. Not just her hands, but her heavy leg kicks and sneaky good head kicks. Jauregui comes from a variety of combinations from every angle as he lets go of these hands. She has a lot of qualities that will take her further, and at only 23 years old, she will be a force for years to come.

Yasmin Lucindo
Standing 5’3″
Fight at 125 lbs (fly)
20 years old
Fighting in Fera de Santana, Bahia, Brazil
Training at Academia Fight House
13-4 career record
8 KO/TKO, 2 commits

How Lucindo did in the UFC:

Lucindo has been in MMA since she was 14, and at 20 she already has a lot of experience. Her victory over former UFC fighter Sarah Flotta was a huge victory for her. She has won her last seven matches, the last time she lost more than three years ago. She had a lot of secondary victories, but the wins over Frota and Lucrezia Ria were nice ones.

Lucindo is a jiu-jitsu athlete and a black belt in judo. Her wrestling was ok at best. She is not a traditional wrestler, but will use her judo background to beat opponents. Most of her records come from the lock body’s travels. Her ground game is solid, dominant, and transitions are smooth. Lucindo has only two commits, but is good at aggressive threats. In a pinch, she’s strong and will oppose her will to drain your energy.

Lucindo’s strike was limited. There’s some hope for the future considering she’s young, but that’s not where it needs to be. Her hands are slow, and when she strikes, she strikes too wide. She lets herself open, too slowly as she puts her hands back on her face. Lucindo tends to get opponents to step down from her and set the tempo, and rely on tying down when they come forward.

I don’t think Lucindo is at the UFC level right now, but he has enough talent to stick around. I’m sure she’ll get better with time and maybe develop into a top 15 fighter because she’s still young and well tested.

How the two match up:

The battle for women’s prospects can be hard to predict, but I’m fairly confident about it. If Lucindo can step down, she’s a threat, but I don’t see her stepping down Jauregui. Jauregui has much better style on the feet, chewing on Lucindo as long as the fight doesn’t stall. For someone who relies on the lower hook, I believe Jauregui can tap her lower hook and stay upright. Even if the fight was hitting the mat, it wasn’t a complete blowout for Lucindo. Jauregui is doing well on the mat and I think he can be competitive enough. For Jauregui, it really was a blowout. I chose Jauregui to really get away from her constant pace and pressure. Lucindo will have Jauregui coming forward, which I predict will be very difficult for her.


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