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XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Takes Plea Deal, Will Testify Against Co-Defendants

The latest report has come out which has revealed that one of the convicts suspected of being involved in the XXXTentacion murder case has recently pleaded guilty. Attorney Jim Lewis announced this news to the world. Jim Lewis Stated that suspected Convict Robert Allen has accepted the plea deal.

Jim Lewis further continued and stated that the suspect convict Allen has pled to a lesser included offense of second-degree manslaughter and also a robbery with a destructive weapon. Attorney Jim Lewis announced this news while speaking to the popular Media network NBC media. He also revealed that the convict Allen will still face life imprisonment. Attorney Jim Lewis also continued and stated that Lewis had a very less role in popular rappers’ murder. Attorney Jim further continued and stated that, Allen never got out of the car and he never shot anyone.

Jim also stated that seeing this, the judge and the state will consider it. Although Allen will be sentenced on 23 February 2023. Popular rapping sensation Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfrey was widely known as XXXTentacious. Ricardo was shot to death on 18 June 2018. Ricardo’s deadly assassination happened in Deerfield Beach located in Florida. The incident was very scary and deadly. The witnesses were massively shocked. His sudden and unfortunate Assassination flabbergasted everyone. No one could ever imagine that the popular rapping sensation could be killed so brutally. The news about his murder shocked and pained all his fans and admirers.

XXXTentacious’s unfortunate and brutal killing was one of the most buzzing and headline-grabbing news of the year 2018. His family and fans were deeply shocked after knowing this news. His fans and admirers flooded social media with their hearty tributes and condolences. The prosecutor has stated that the popular rapping sensation was robbed before the killing. He stated that just a few hours before his killing, the rapper withdrew around $50 thousand from the bank. This case was one of the most headline-grabbing cases of that year. Although the police officials started investigating this case without wasting any single minute and the trial of this case currently going and soon the verdict of this case will be out soon. He is always missed by his family and fans. He will live forever through his music. His legacy will continue to admire and adore everyone. His fans will miss him forever. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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