Woman leaves her fiancé’s birthday party after he receives an expensive gift, but others argue that the gift isn’t the problem.

A WOMAN claims she left her fiancé’s birthday party after he received an expensive gift from him and claimed it was from her.

Reddit users, on the other hand, believe the woman is missing the point.

Using the hashtag, am I the a**, the woman explained her situation on Reddit.

The couple has not been identified publicly, but they intend to marry. The woman revealed that her fiancé comes from a wealthy family but that she does not.

“His family is a little preoccupied with their appearance and social standing. His parents spoil him because he’s the only child,” the woman wrote.

She went on to say that the fiancé’s birthday was approaching, and that she had made him a floral photo frame for their upcoming wedding instead of buying him an expensive gift.

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When the fiancé and his parents learned of the gift she planned to give him, they pleaded with her to reconsider, but she refused.

“At the party, while he was opening gifts, I discovered that he opened a box and pulled out Nike shoes, acting ecstatic and thanking me for getting them for him,” she wrote in the post.

“I couldn’t figure it out.” I explained that this wasn’t my gift and began searching among the others for it.

“When I asked him where he kept the floral frame, he just looked at me blankly. So enraged was I. I told him in front of his parents that he shouldn’t have lied about the gift I gave him, and that if he was embarrassed by it, I’d keep it.”

After that the woman left the party.

In the comments section of Reddit, users quickly voiced their opinions on the matter, with many claiming that the woman’s actions were not entirely justified.

“This was not a gift for your boyfriend, the floral frame for a future wedding photo. I believe you gave yourself this as a present. That wasn’t very considerate of you. One user commented, “A birthday gift is supposed to be about that person, not about you or your couple.”

“I’m forced to make an ehh decision as a result of this.” You, the boyfriend, and his family for creating an environment that pushed him to lie. Perhaps this outburst was your way of ending the relationship, rather than being a judgment. You appear to be dissatisfied with his way of life and family.”

Others suggested that the woman call off the engagement because she doesn’t appear to be happy with her fiancé’s lifestyle.

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“That’s right. “Because both of you clearly aren’t compatible with each other,” one user suggested, “maybe consider calling off the engagement.”

“At this point, they should’ve had a game plan for how they deal with his family events, or they should either accept that this is how his family acts and go along with it, or give the fiancé an ultimatum that they either go LC with his family or break up,” another user on the social media site stated.

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