WINTER HOUSE Amanda Batula avoids filming season 3 amid cheating rumors

filmed in winter house Season 3 has begun…but one star is conspicuously missing!

Is Amanda Batula avoiding the house due to husband Kyle Cooke’s cheating rumors, or may she have a different excuse?

Is Kyle Cook a liar?

Amanda Batura is definitely going through it these days. Bombarded by rumors that Pike’s husband Kyle Cooke was cheating on her, summer house The star had to face the twin To Andy Cohen.

What started out as a “blind project” exploded with cheating rumors… so big news the star had to confront it in a recent episode watch live.

Kyle Cooke has been a known adulterer for years, but this is the first allegation since the pair married in 2021.

winter house season 3

winter househit Bravo The crossover series, which brings together the cast of several shows, has begun filming for its third season. That’s important, considering the cast may or may not be (Is “Tom Tom” coming back?!)

One person we’d definitely like to see is Amanda Batula, but she allegedly didn’t show up for the first day of filming.

Kyle Cook entered the house on time, but his wife was conspicuously absent.

Batura and Cook’s Many Questions

While it looks like she’s using being sick as an excuse, we’re kind of crap. Batula shared these sexy selfies just two days after the aforementioned post, and she looks fit and healthy.

Not only do Batula and Cooke have to deal with infidelity, they also face fertility issues. While it might not have been the best idea for them to conceive, we feel bad that Amanda has been unable to conceive.

is amanda batula shunning winter house Because of the negative press she’s currently receiving, or is it possible that she’s just sick and will show up later in the episode? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

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