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Wilkinson Stuns Monte, Will Meet Akhmedov in Light Heavyweight Finals

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 1: /ACTION during PFL 7 on August 5, 2022 at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. (Photo by Cooper Neil/Getty Images)

A number of fighters made statements during the PFL lightweight and light heavyweight semifinals at PFL 7 on Friday.

Once the main card starts, that’s it.

After two busy prelims, Rob Wilkinson and Delan Monte walked to the PFL smartcage to start ESPN’s home card in the first of two light heavyweight semifinals that night. However, things came to a screeching halt as both fighters were ready to fall: The two fighters were taken to the hospital by ambulance early in the evening, and there were no ambulances available at the Hulu Theater in New York City.

Mixed martial arts matches cannot be played without an ambulance. This caused a delay of several minutes as all involved had to wait for a new ambulance to arrive. However, once the action got underway, Wilkinson and Mount started, both swinging wildly. It was former UFC athlete Wilkinson who got the better of the exchange, knocking Monte down with a well-timed knee care in two minutes.

On the other side of the bracket, America’s top teammates Omari Ahmedov and Josh Silvera walked some distance. As the fight progressed, Silvera resumed his wrestling, finding an opponent and using it to control. However, it wasn’t enough to drive Ahmedov out, the Russian had the upper hand on his feet, put up a smart fight and won 30-27 from two of the three judges. In the end, the judge also awarded Ahmedov 29-28.

Wilkinson and Ahmedov will now face off in the PFL final for $1 million and 205 pounds for the title. Scheduled for November 25 at venue and location to be determined.


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