Why Was SpotemGottem Arrested? 20-Year-Old Florida Rapper Charges Explained!

The latest news, creating massive buzz all over, is about the popular rapper SpotemGottem. The 20 years old rapping sensation has currently been the talk of the town all over and all for the negative and wrong reasons. The popular 20 years old rapping sensation SpotemGottem has been arrested by the police in Miami on 26 June. According to the reports, the popular rapper has been arrested for rashly driving the boat, fleeing from police, and possession of a firearm from a criminal and the list of charges doesn’t stop here, he has been also charged with aggravated assault.

Spotemgottem has a history of criminal records. This is not the first time that he is being accused of any felony. According to the reports, the patrolling team of the police department saw the popular rapper riding a jet at the top speed near the Miami Marine Stadium. The reports from the police further stated that the police tried to stop him, but the rapper didn’t stop even after police officers told him to, instead he tried to flee the situation. After some struggle, he was stopped by the police officials and was arrested by the cops. The rapper was sent to Miami Dade Jail and he will be presented before a bond judge on 28 June.

Why Was SpotemGottem Arrested?

The popular rapper Spotemgottem is also known as Nehemiah Harden. Harden has a history of criminal records as we told you earlier, this is not his first time being charged or being associated with any crime. Harden was first arrested back in the year 2017 by the police officials in Duval County Florida, under the charges of grand theft auto and also possession of a concealed weapon. The list of his arrests and crimes doesn’t stop here. He was also arrested last year in 2021. The list of his crimes is surprisingly increasing, with each passing year.

In the year 2021, Harden was arrested for threatening a hotel parking attendant with a pistol. The rapper was also charged with multiple charges during that time. This is not a great example for the great number of people who love and admire him. According to the reports, netizens are giving him a hard time on social media. Many people are criticizing him for his repeated criminal actions. With passing time the rapping star is becoming more like a felon. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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