Why Was Ronde Island Officer Jeann Lugo Suspended? Reason Explained!

In this post, we’re going to tell you about a very serious topic that comes straight from the State Capitol in Providence, Round Island, that officials have been issuing to Republicans in the state since Saturday. The arrest on specific charges was related to the attack on a woman, said to be a political opponent of abortion rights on the day of the rally. So the rest of the work was done, and the man’s name was Patrol Jeann Lugo came out, and there was a special video related to the attack, when Jen Rourke was off duty outside the Rhode Island State Capitol. Let us know the full video that went viral on social media platforms. This particular video was going viral on Twitter and talking about the government, so they were writing a police department suspension and we could say he was dropping out of running for the Senate. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates! ! ! !

Why Was Ronde Island Officer Jeann Lugo Suspended? Reason Explained!

Who is Jean Lugo?

Lugo, 35, was charged by police for attempting to assault a woman. However, when he appeared before state police in Rhode Island, he had already pleaded guilty and was cleaning up before justice and talking about his next state appearance, scheduled for July 8. To date, two arrests have been reported for demonstrations. As we told you before, two arrests have been made, so one for the current misconduct and the second for the man charged with using a weapon other than a firearm. Providence Policy also thanks those who supported and came forward to report this special event.

Why was Ronde Island police officer Jeann Lugo suspended?

He was delighted to see them coming forward and they encouraged everyone that if anyone knew anything about the situation, they could contact the police so they could investigate the whole case. Speaking of a woman who claims to be a descendant of a rights group, her name is Locke. Having been running for the same seat, she also mentioned that Lugo’s attack on her was very serious, and that’s what happened when she was finishing her speech at the Providence rally for the Supreme Court ruling, which has ended against Roy’s return. v Wade.

Jeann Lugo Suspension Reason

Speaking of which, so this particular case has established the constitutional right to abortion in 1973. It was claimed that the duration was five seconds and one of the men punched the woman twice in the head. The video went viral on Twitter, but after the whole incident, Locke went to a hospital in Rhode Island. She went there for a CT scan, talking about the police department, so before deciding to arrest Lugo, they also officially made it clear to everyone that it was a criminal investigation and that it would take some time, however, it was a full act of duty officers during the protest This happened on the last night of the 2019-09-20 , while creating a very horrific situation in which a woman was severely beaten.

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