Why Was Pilot Point Mayor Matt McIlravy Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

Hello everyone and a piece of very controversial and scandalous news are currently gathering attention as an experienced Pilot Point Mayor Matt McIlravy has been arrested for the online solicitation of a child. Everybody was shocked when this news started circulating on the Internet and he has been charged with a second-degree felony. It all happened on 21st June when a 42-year-old pilot up was arrested by the Texas police department he has been on the radar of police for more than 5 months. The police have been looking for evidence against him for the last 5 months. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was Pilot Point Mayor Matt McIlravy Arrested?

Who Is Matt McIlravy?

And now finally they were able to carry out the operation secretly. The law-making a Thora teaser executed the warrant at the City Hall and his wife is a teacher. He was elected in May this year. Some other contacts and relations regarding him have been captured as well off but we don’t have any information regarding the identities of those individuals. We don’t have any information regarding the victim and before that he or she is completely fine.

Why Was Pilot Point Mayor Matt McIlravy Arrested?

The crime against children is increasing at a very rapid rate and in this modern world, it is really easy to say something and comment about it. A lot of innocent children are abused and violated daily and such cases have indeed increased because of the frequent use of internet websites and platforms. He is a married man and he is also the father of two boys and it is embarrassing why he would do that kind of activity. His children are currently working as design engineers and one is trying to get a government profile .

Matt McIlravy Arrested Reason

He was recently elected as the mayor of the city and it was a proud moment for his family. It may have been because of office Ego and maybe he was thinking that now he is above the law as he is now part of the government. Political. individuals must be really careful while they are behaving in public and a single piece of news can destroy their career it seems to be a similar case. We will be back with some more information regarding this event and till then stay tuned to our website for more updates.

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