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Why is Jimmy Johnson not in-studio on Fox NFL show, where is he?

Why isn’t Jimmie Johnson in the studio on Fox’s NFL show, where is he? Fans noticed that football analysts often joined remotely and wondered why.

Jimmy Johnson was the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys from 1989 to 1993, leading the team to back-to-back Super Bowl titles.

Johnson also coached the Dolphins until his retirement in 1999. After retiring from football, the 79-year-old entered the broadcast world as a TV studio analyst for Fox Sports.

He still works with the network as an on-air crew for Fox’s NFL Sunday.

Why isn’t Jimmie Johnson in the studio on Fox’s NFL show, where is he?

Fans recently wondered why Jimmie Johnson wasn’t at the Fox NFL studio and asked where he was.

Due to the pandemic in 2020-21, Johnson has done most of his work at Fox NFL from home. This continues through the 2022 season, with Jimmy working remotely on Sunday single games this season and in the studio on double game days.

during an interview miami herald, Johnson explained it was because of travel. Jimmy lives in the Florida Keys, while Fox Studios has been in Los Angeles.

Photo by Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

had some problems at first

“They didn’t like my absence,” he said. “They said, ‘Hey, it works a lot better when you’re on set.’ But at my age, I just didn’t want to go to Los Angeles every week. At first, when we started shooting remotely, there were concerns because you The camera has to be in the right place.”

However, Johnson did add that he will be in the studio when he travels to Doha, Qatar for the playoffs and Veterans Day.

Fox has two games in Week 1, Week 3, Week 5, Week 7, Week 8, Week 10, Week 12 (Thanksgiving), Week 14, Week 16 and Week 18 . During the other weeks, he will be joined remotely from his home in Florida, where he lives with his wife Rhonda.

You can read more about their spectacular home here.

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