Why Fans Think No Real Housewives Look Remotely Natural

many real housewives The cast has been open about undergoing plastic surgery, with certain fans wondering if the series’ star has gone too far with plastic surgery. Certain forms of cosmetic surgery have even been filmed in various series. In fact, when actors go together for Botox or plastic surgery consultations, they often think about these outings. Getting enhanced and transformed seems to be a rite of passage for women in franchises. Several plastic surgeons and estheticians appeared on the show, some of whom were the husbands of the main cast members, such as Dr. Leonard Hochstein and Dr. Paul Nassif.

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Despite the on-screen candor about getting the job done, some Housewives have denied having had plastic surgery. Some people fear judgment, while others really haven’t had surgery. For example, real housewives of beverly hills Star Crystal Kung Minkoff responds to plastic surgery rumors When she said in an Instagram post that she had never dyed her hair, let alone had a knife. However, she later stated that she would consider plastic surgery in the future if she felt she needed it. Rob Black Celebrity Sutton Stracke shared in her early series that plastic surgery wasn’t for her. However, that changed as she later revealed she had had fillers but said she waited until she was 47 to do so.

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What Fans Think About The Real Housewives Plastic Surgery

Fans have strong opinions about who gets plastic surgery and who doesn’t. a Redditor, u/itsaboutthepumptinistarted a thread on the topic and asked, “Does The Real Housewives ever go without plastic surgery?“Several replies focused on the most down-to-earth Housewives like Crystal And Sutton, users argue that these housewives look too natural to do anything. Others question the “all natural” claim.

Regarding Sutton, one Reddit user u/camirose said, “I’ve Saw some ‘before’ pictures of Sutton and she barely recognized her. I think she did some subtle work. She does look a little different than when she started the show. She now looks refreshed, smoother and refreshed. It might just be an injection, not necessarily a knife. Whatever it is, it’s tasteful and well done.

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While some Reddit users don’t believe every The Real Housewives Have Plastic Surgery, others thought they looked unnatural. Conversely, some people think all housewives feel like Heather, who says there can never be enough of Botox. On the thread, Reddit user Marcinecali73 backed up the idea, writing: “This thread is hysterical. They all get the job done, whether it’s surgery or fillers and “tweaks.” Some people get subtle great work, but no one looks this good, and no one looks this old.

Plastic surgery is a hot topic on the show, whether or not all the housewives from different series have had it. Some housewives may be perceived as more natural-looking than others, and this may have more to do with the quality of work done than how much is done.Viewers will continue to talk about what these famous reality stars look like because beauty is focus real housewives show.

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source: About Pumpkin Tini/Reddit

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