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When the White Stripes debuted on “Seven Nation Army” in 2003, their intoxicating sound instantly helped define a generation. A big part of that sound can be credited to drummer Meg White, who retired in 2010 and was never heard from again.

This week, a retired reporter’s glowing report on her drumming skills set Twitter on fire and woke our sleeping millennials from their middle-aged apathy. Now, he says he doesn’t even agree with what he said, and asks for forgiveness from Meg White and the rest of the world.

Lachlan’s regrettable tweet about Meg White is a rebuke from national review Touted “Army of the Seven Nation” as possibly “the best song of the century so far”.

Lachlan, who referenced and sarcastically dismissed the idea on Twitter, has now denied it and claims he never agreed with it. When he faced backlash, he deleted the tweet and posted it privately.

He writes: “The tragedy of the White Stripes is how great they would be if they had a half-decent drummer. Yeah yeah I hear all the ‘but it’s a well crafted sound mannnn! Need. Sorry, Meg White sucks, there’s no band worse than percussion.”

He made his account public and condemned the tweet in a thread It called his views “very bad in every way. Trivial, obnoxious, and just plain wrong.” He called all the hate directed at him “justified” and pondered why he was motivated to make it in the first place. tweets.

He concluded that he had fallen into an online culture that rewarded overly critical and divisive comments with attention and clicks.

Here’s his full response to the error:

“By now you’ve probably seen my ill-advised (and later deleted) tweet about White Stripes and Meg White yesterday. It was an exaggeration of TWS and White as drummers, and, let’s Let’s face it, it’s pretty bad in every way. Trivial, obnoxious, just plain wrong.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours thinking about all this – again, totally justified – hate: why am I writing that? It’s not really what I think, I like to think I’m not the jerk it makes me be, or at least I try not to be.

I think part of the answer is that we—us online users—tend to reward that vicious sniping with eyes and clicks. And I think I’m caught in this implicit incentive structure that’s unnecessarily inflammatory, downright mean, and most of all, the wrong take. “

Meg and Jack White told everyone they were siblings in their debut The White Stripes, but they were actually a divorced couple when they showed up.

Jack and Meg married in 1998, and he was named after her (Jake’s last name is Gillies.) He has since developed a strong music career, while Meg has remained private and a fabulous icon. Judging by the overwhelming defense and support she’s received over the past two days, she’s a beloved icon. Hope she is doing well.

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