Why Did Rakhi Sawant Break Down? Reason Explained, Is She Files A Complaint Against Her Ex-Husband Ritesh?

Hi everyone, Rakhi Sawant made headlines recently and was seen crying on various platforms after she accused her ex-husband of hacking her social media accounts. She also lodged a complaint against him with the police station. She blamed her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, for all the trouble she was facing. She cried many times with her boyfriend Adil Khan. She claimed all her social media accounts had been hacked and she could do nothing after her husband also took control of all online payment methods. She wants revenge, and she will never tolerate it. She mentioned in an interview that he changed his password. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Rakhi Sawant Decomposition Reason Explained

Why did Rakhi Sawant crash?

And you have to reinstate the account, she doesn’t know why he did it, he is a very wrong person. A cybercrime investigation team has begun an investigation. She also received an email telling her that the account would be suspended and some very strict guidelines were introduced for situations like this, which is why she feared she would lose all progress.

Rakhi Sawant Decomposition Reason Explained

She never changed the password, maybe he had access earlier. Also has a Gmail account, which is a very big problem for her as she doesn’t have access to business-related mail. In the modern world, we live in a situation where these kinds of things are so important that if something like this happens, we may lose our right to privacy. He has access to all the data, and he can do virtually anything. She also said he had been writing emails to various production companies.

Is she complaining about her ex-husband?

This is a very scary thing for her and we hope the police can take control of the situation and revisit the account. Many celebrities have faced such issues in the past, and it is frustrating for public figures and celebrities to hide their private lives after all these accidents, and some critical steps must be taken. And try to destroy the connection with Salman Khan. She was last seen on Bigg Boss 15. We’ll be back with more information on this event, so stay tuned to our website until then.

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