Why did He Donate To ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests?

Paul Stastny Freedom Convoy: Why did He Donate To ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests?: On Tuesday (1st March 2022), Paul Stastny disclosed that he donated roughly $1,000 to the convey protesting towards Coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates. The Winnipeg Jets ahead, son of Hall of Fame ahead Peter Stastny, quoted the defection of his father from former Czechoslovakia to Canada as the primary cause behind his donations to the convoy. Since taking retirement from the National Hockey League (NHL), Peter has supported the Christian Union Democratic Party, and the Slovak Democratic, and has been a staunch critic of communist events in Slovakia. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Paul Stastny Freedom Convoy

Paul Stastny Freedom Convoy

Stastny acknowledged to Jeff Hamilton of the Winnipeg Free Press that “Being the son of immigrants that left a communist country to come to Canada and have a future where they had their own determinations and do-what-they-want type of liberty is something that is always been ingrained in me. And then I know what Canada was like, and I can watch where Canada is going, and I think that is what frightens me.”

As per the Winnipeg Free Press, Stastny was one of many quite a few thousand individuals who donated to the protest efforts by crowdfunding websites, the place it was listed that he donated roughly $1,000 USD below a registered agency, Walnuts LLC. The 36-year old made funds through GiveSendGo and GoFundMe. Whilst the protest was broadly co-opted by the far-right politicians and extremists, Stastny who’s completely vaccinated towards Coronavirus declined the notion that his donation to the convoy protests is linked to right-wing politics.

Why did Paul Stastny Donate To ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests?

Stastny acknowledged that “People think you are just donating to a far-right movement, conquering the government. It has nothing to do with that. Id that was the reason nobody would be donating money. It is more just the liberty to decide what you want to do to live and not have an overextend of a government that does too much because, apparently the more that they can grab, the more they can get. Some people like that, but the way I grew up, the stories I heard from my parents growing up, it is frightening.”

In the spite of the self-perception of Stastny of neutrality, he accepted to studying Rebel News- a far-right wife Canadian media outlet, identified for its rampant Islamophobia and listening to FOX News pundit Tucker Carlson, within the curiosity of studying “both sides” of the political spectrum. I feel 95% of the people are all in the identical boat. They are all center-left, center-right people and you’ll have the far-left, the far-right, and that’s what the media makes an attempt to color. That is what, I feel you need individuals to understand is it isn’t as unhealthy because it appears like on a regular basis.”

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