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Who Were David Sigers and James Thomas? US Army Veteran and Father of 4 killed in Double Homicide

A double homicide in Baker county in Florida has flabbergasted everyone. The reports have revealed that two dead have been recovered by the Florida police department and the victims have died of multiple gunshot wounds. The deceased bodies have been identified as David Sigers and James Thomas. The reports from police officials have further revealed that the bodies were found in a house on Sawtooth Road on 1 August.

The officials stated that both the victims were murdered brutally and it is confirmed in the autopsy report. The officials have also stated that these two homicides were done execution style. This harrowing incident shocked everyone. It’s been ages since any case or incident of Homicide has happened in Florida’s Baker County. Even the police officials stated that the case of homicide in Baker county has happened for ages. Baker county is one of the most peaceful and nonviolent areas in the state. This part of Florida is widely known for being peaceful. You can say that Baker county is one of the places which is untouched by such brutal and nefarious felonies for a very long time now.

The reports from the police department also stated that both victims were assumed to be murdered over the weekend. The office of Baker County Sheriff has announced a reward of $5000 for any person who provides information about the nefarious felon who committed this brutal crime. Police officials have cleared that there is no drug-related angle in this homicide. Accepting to the police department, there is the criminal history of David Sigers and James Thomas has a minor history of a petty misdemeanor. Police officials have also met the neighbors and have asked them to cooperate with them and please let them know anything they know or report to them if they find anything related to this murder which can help in solving this murder mystery.

Although, Obituary for David and James is being published all across social media. Their family and friends are currently in a deep state of shock and devastation. They are going through the worst and most traumatizing phase of their lives and thus it’s not possible to take words down them on this tragic incident. The police officials are doing their best to find out the truth and the felon behind this tragic and brutal felony. Officers are investigating and checking the whole area for finding the culprit. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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