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Who was Tina Greer? (Family of young mum ‘murdered by her bikie boyfriend)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tina Greerwicki

Tina Greer Biography

Who is Tina Greer?

In January 2012, Tina Greer, 32, dropped her daughter Lili at a friend’s house before continuing to meet her on-and-off boyfriend Les ‘Grumpy’ Sharman.

She was due to return to the Gold Coast the next day to pick up her daughter, now 23, but she did not show up and has not been seen for more than a decade.

Ms Greer’s car was found three days after she disappeared at the end of a dirt road near the Mugla Dam with all her personal belongings inside.

Earlier this year, a coroner concluded she died at the hands of Sharman around January 18, somewhere in Clumber, scenic Queensland.


However, coroner Christina Rooney has denied her daughter’s request to open an inquiry into her death after more than 10 years of mystery.

Mrs Roney ruled that “there would be no public interest” and there was insufficient evidence that Mrs Greer’s death was avoidable.

She acknowledged that authorities did not adequately support the mother as a known victim of domestic violence, but said she would not stop seeing Sharman even if she had “more support”.

“I am always asked to consider the public interest of the investigative process, and based on the current state of evidence, I cannot see this here,” Ms Ronnie wrote in a letter to Lily.

Her daughter argues that the deaths of other victims of domestic violence can be prevented by examining how others have failed her mother.

“It’s in everyone’s interest to work to prevent domestic violence,” she told Nine.

There are a lot of issues with this case that could come to light…a lot of things could change.

“We need research to help guide police and other authorities on how to prevent future deaths in similar situations.”

The Family and Domestic Violence Deaths Review and Advisory Committee found that a key issue with the police response was the lack of thorough investigation and the lack of proactive steps to take additional steps to protect my mother, despite officers’ assessment that he was likely to experience violence. in relationship.

“The investigation into Tina will not only help prevent future deaths, it will also raise awareness and educate the public and the coroner’s court about the complexities of domestic violence.

“Without coronavirus support, the state is setting a bad precedent for past, present and future victims of domestic violence.”

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