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Who Was Ranga Shetty? Bike-Borne Man Dies In Hassan After Tree Falls On Him

A person has recently died after a tree fell on him. The tragic incident happened on Sunday 7 August in Malekopla. The reports have suggested that the deceased victim was traveling on a bike when the tree fell on him. The deceased victim has been identified as 40 years old Ranga Shetty. Ranga Shetty was a native of Channarayapatna Taluk. The reports have further claimed that Ranga was lying under the tree for more than half an hour, he was crying in pain all that time.

After half an hour of struggling in pain Ranga Shetty passes away. Although neighboring locals rushed to help him but they couldn’t help him. The tree was massively huge and thus their efforts were enough to move him out under the tree. He was trapped under a tree, a trunk, and his bike. A big earthmover was also rushed to the incident spot to pick up the tree and bike but by that time Ranga Shetty had passed away. The incident is very tragic and heart-shattering.

Who Was Ranga Shetty?

The locals have blamed the forest authorities for this deadly incident. Locals are slamming and blaming the forest department and authorities for their negligence. They have also stated that they have complained about that tree multiple times but the officials and the authorities ignored their complaints and it’s their ignorance become suffering to a person and his family. Locals are slamming the authorities for their irregular work. Although, this blame is very serious.

If the officials and authorities have heard the requests earlier all this deadly mishap would have been stopped. The authorities must look introspect themselves and till when the common man would pay for the misdeeds of the authorities. Every time the authorities commit mistakes, only the common man faces the consequences. The responsible officials behind this mishappening should be investigated and actions must be taken against them. Public even stated on weekdays small children also stand under the tree while they wait for their school bus.

This matter was very serious but still, the authorities blatantly ignored these warnings and that innocent Ranga Shetty suffered. Just imagine if the kids were also there, just imagine how much more brutal and barbaric would it be. Actions must be taken against the responsible officials because it’s their fault that this tragic happening occurred. The department must be investigated. Currently, there is not much information about the family and friends of the deceased Ranga Shetty. Our research team is looking into the matter and soon they might get any information about him. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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