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Who was Ornela Shehi?(Friends and family are stunned as Albanian actor and his wife hurl themselves off sixth floor of NYC apartment building

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An aspiring actor from Albania and his wife fell to their death from their sixth-floor apartment in the Bronx on Saturday morning.

The couple, identified by friends and neighbors as Florind Belliu, 35, and Ornela Shehi, 28, were in their yard at 2199 Kruger Avenue, just off Pelham Avenue South in Morris Park, at about 9:15 a.m. Saturday. was found, law enforcement sources told the New York Daily. information. They were pronounced dead about 10 minutes later.

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Neighbors said they heard screams just before the couple fell, and now police sources say investigators are looking into the fatal incident, which could be the tragic result of a potential altercation between the couple.

Her 6- and 2-year-old children were in the apartment at the time, and a neighbor recalled hearing one child yell, “Mom! Boobs!” after the fiasco.

The video reportedly shows Shehi taking off first from the sixth floor of the building and landing in an alley, followed seconds later by her husband Belliu.

cause of death

According to the medical examiner’s office, the couple’s cause of death was still pending Sunday while “additional investigative information” was pending.

Family and friends cried outside an apartment building in the Bronx on Saturday. The New York Daily News reported that Belleu’s mother was distraught and could be seen crying after learning of her son’s death.

Law enforcement sources told The Washington Post that Belliu had been “emotionally out of control” and disappeared in April before police found him.

However, sources say police have never received a report of domestic violence in relation to the couple, who only moved into the building four months ago. They have two children and, according to neighbors, were at home when the tragedy happened.

“I kept seeing them buying things for the house and it was like being together every day, with two kids, and we didn’t realize there was something wrong,” Sadie Perkay, the building manager’s wife, told the Daily News. .

Neighbors told local media the couple was a “quiet couple” who “kept silent” but recalled seeing Belleu in a state of rage on Friday.

Neighbor Robert Sánchez described Bellew as someone with no friendly attitude.

“He just didn’t have a friendly demeanor when you walked past him, so I just moved on,” Sanchez said. “They’re loners, very isolated.”

An employee at Zymi, a nearby cafe, agreed.

He was never in the right frame of mind. He came for coffee or lunch and didn’t interact with community members,” the employee said. The wife didn’t actually say anything. She was always quiet and secluded, but she always seemed to have children (with them).’

According to Albania’s EuroNews, Belliu graduated from the University of the Arts in Tirana, Albania, and worked in television and theater before moving to the United States.


Friends and family mourned the couple’s passing on social media as they questioned why he allegedly jumped from the building.

‘Why bro, why bro… you chose this path? What is missing when you all hold us in your arms and support you? What led you on a path that has no beginning and no end? Posted by Albanian actor Andi Lbututi.

‘what do we say [your] Mom sees on the street that we can’t protect you? Why don’t you think about your family, your mother and your sisters? We all know your abilities and values, but never this wisdom! You make us sad without any explanation! May Allah have mercy on you!

Albanian comedian Cela Irgen posted a tribute on Instagram, claiming Bellew broke her heart.

“I can’t believe she’s creating this status for you,” she wrote in a post on Sunday. You are etched in my mind and heart because of all the great memories we have together and our passion for acting. May you all rest in peace, my dear friends, and may God give strength to both families during these difficult times.

Ornela Shehi Fast and Facts

  • Florind Belliu, 35, and his wife Ornela Shehi, 28, were found Saturday in the yard of a sixth-floor apartment building on Kruger Avenue in the Bronx.
  • Friends say Belliu is an aspiring actor and screenwriter from Albania
  • The video reportedly shows Shehi first falling from a building into an alley, with Belliu landing on the ground next to her seconds later
  • Neighbors said the couple’s two sons, 6 and 2, were at home when they could be heard shouting for mum

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