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Who was Olga Kursa Kachura?(Missile strike kills female commander who ‘boasted of how she enjoyed killing Ukrainians’ and whose troops fired on civilians) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Olga Kursa Kachula Wiki

Olga Kursa Kachula Biography

Who is Olga Kursa Kachula?

Lieutenant Colonel Olga ‘Kursa’ Kachura, 52, died at the scene after a Ukrainian missile hit her car while driving in the town of Horlivka in Ukraine’s Donetsk region.

A Russian commander who boasted of his penchant for killing Ukrainians, whose troops opened fire on civilians in the Donbas region, was killed in a missile strike.

Kachula, the first Russian female officer killed in the Ukrainian war, was a colonel of the rocket artillery division that shelled civilians in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Her troops fired on civilians in the Donbas region, and Kachula later boasted that she enjoyed killing Ukrainians in interviews on Kremlin propaganda channels.

Kachula, a Ukrainian working at the Khorivka police station, defected to the pro-Russian side in 2014 after Putin allegedly sedition in Donbass.

According to the Ukrainian military, she often committed war crimes by posing as a member of the regular Ukrainian forces in order to discredit them.

“(Kachula) is guilty of the shelling of the Donbas city and the deaths of civilians,” said Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazanskyi. “In Ukraine, she was sentenced to 12 years in absentia.”


Kachura is a career police investigator who was promoted to lieutenant colonel before joining Putin-backed separatist forces.

He served with the 3rd Berkut Independent Motorized Infantry Brigade of the DPR 1st Corps and commanded a Grad MLRS division in Horlivka. He had 140 gunners under him.

The mother of two had been injured multiple times in previous attacks. Since 2015 he has held the rank of colonel in the DPR unit.

Ukraine last year sentenced Kachula in absentia to 12 years in prison and confiscated assets for “participation in a terrorist organization or terrorist organization”. He is believed to have ordered the bombing of cities in Donbass, killing civilians.

She is director of the Holivka Weightlifting Federation and an honorary citizen of the city, married to Barnsley in England.

Ivan Prikhodko, Mayor of Hollivka, said: “A brave and wise woman who has been there since the establishment of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s militias has tragically passed away.

“Olga Kachula, the victorious and determined Xhosa.”

Kochura’s death follows the burial of the first Russian soldier killed in Ukraine last month.


Corporal Anastasia Savitskaya, 35, a married mother of two and said to be a “true heroine”, was buried in the southwestern Russian city of Volgog on July 13 Le’s hometown.

“The deceased becomes the first female soldier to be killed in a special military operation,” said local veterans leader Alexander Strukov.

“She had dreamed of being a soldier since she was a child and signed a contract at the age of 18,” said a friend of Savitskaya. Going to war in Ukraine “was her choice,” they said.

Her grieving husband, a former soldier who asked not to be named, said at her funeral: “How am I going to live now? Why did I let you go there? Like, beautiful, the best.

Unlike some Western countries, it is still rare for Russian soldiers to fight. Ukraine, for example, has seen several female soldiers join the fight.

The eulogy at the woman’s funeral read: “Women warriors have always been the exception to the rule. But Anastasia has taken hold of the ‘home’ front and bravely entered dangerous special operations with a double harvest.”

Meanwhile, Putin lost two more colonels in his Russian army this week, the latest evidence of the devastating loss of his senior officers.

Paratrooper Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Pozdeev served in the Kutuzov Airborne Assault Brigade in Ulyanovsk.

The acting president of the Komi Republic, Vladimir Uyba, said he “died heroically in special operations operations in Ukraine”.

Russia tried to hide high-level death toll in Ukraine.

Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Sorokin, a married father of two, was also killed near Melitopol early in the war.

He was the commander of an assault battalion and was posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia.

A dozen generals were killed in the war.

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