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Who is the Houston police officer?

The LAPD has been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit after it was ‘battered to death’ during a training session aimed at ‘simulating a mob attack’.

The lawsuit, filed by the Houston officer’s mother, Shirley Huffman, alleges that the Houston officer was “repeatedly shot in the head and bleeding” during a training event.

Tip, 32, suffered multiple fractures to his neck and suffered a “catastrophic spinal cord injury” that led to his death, the lawsuit said. The five-year LAPD veteran also suffered multiple injuries that required stitches.

Tippin was injured in a “fight” with another officer, the department said, and called his death a “horrific accident.” No one has been arrested or charged in connection with his death.

The tip was buried last Wednesday in the presence of LAPD Chief Michelle Moore, department leaders and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.


Hoffman filed a lawsuit against the city on Friday, just two days after Tippin’s funeral, alleging wrongful death, battery and battery, and civil rights violations.

Hoffman claimed that the training exercise that led to her son’s death “was already called into question” before he was injured by other officers.

His attorney, Bradley Gage, said the allegations outlined in the lawsuit were based on interviews with witnesses and people familiar with the matter.

The LAPD declined to elaborate on the nature of the exercise, telling the Los Angeles Times that officials were taking the “issue” seriously.


The department has launched an investigation into the incident to determine if “any changes need to be made” to prevent future tragedies.

“This is tragic and we are all saddened by his loss,” LAPD spokesman Capt. Kelly Muniz told the paper on Friday.

Hoffman’s lawsuit seeks unspecified financial and punitive damages from the city.

The grieving mother also wants the city government to keep all evidence in the case, including “videos of the entire training exercise and actions taken against the tipped officers”.

LAPD officials said Tip fell to the ground on May 26 while undergoing training at the department’s Elysian Park Academy.

Officers immediately began CPR, contacted Los Angeles Fire Department staff, and Tippin was taken to USC Medical Center, where he died of his injuries three days later.


On Wednesday, his family, colleagues and loved ones attended the funeral to honor his life.

At the funeral, Los Angeles Police Chief Michelle Moore knelt in front of Tippin’s parents and presented them with an American flag.

The boss said the tip had impressed his peers and said he was “willing to go the extra mile to make the world a better place”.

Hoffman cited Moore’s comments in his lawsuit, claiming that despite the praise, “it was not enough to stop other officers from paralyzing and ultimately killing him for violating the law and civil rights.”

Tip patrolled around Devon and “loved being a cop,” according to the Los Angeles Police Protection League, which said he will be remembered “for how he loved and made people laugh.”

Moore revealed last month that he is also an organ donor and that his “altruism” is used to help “save other lives”.

The tip was survived by his parents Richard and Shirley. His stepfather Bob; siblings Kate and Taylor; and his girlfriend Britney.

Houston Tipping Quick and Facts

  • Shirley Huffman files wrongful death lawsuit against City of Los Angeles
  • She claims her son, LAPD cop Houston Tip, was ‘beaten to death’ during a police training exercise aimed at ‘simulating a mob’
  • Tip ‘was hit in the head repeatedly enough to make him bleed’
  • He also suffered multiple fractures to his neck and suffered a “catastrophic spinal cord injury” that led to his death, the lawsuit said
  • The LAPD said Tippin was injured in a “fight” with another officer and called his death a “horrific accident”

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