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Three teenage sisters who stabbed their father to death were abused into porn and forced to ‘dig their own graves’, according to new evidence.

So-called new “evil sex offenders” evidence presented to a Russian court could decide whether Kristina, Angelina and Maria Khachaturian were acquitted of their father’s murder in 2018.

New evidence suggests Mikhail threatened girls with rifles and told them to ‘dig their own graves’ before he died Image: East2West
Using their own hunting knives as weapons, the girls, then 19, 18 and 17, pleaded guilty to murdering their fathers, claiming they had been subjected to appalling abuse and “systematic torture” over the years.


Findings last year found the sisters suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and were in an “unstable” state of mind at the time of the murders.

Lawyer Mari Davtyan said the father’s shooting of the girls with a non-lethal weapon gave them reason to fear for their lives because he also had more powerful weapons.

“They had no doubt that he would shoot, in the first place because he had,” she said.

“He shot girls just for fun. He tested his traumatic weapon by shooting [his daughter’s] Legs are just a joke.

He drove them out and dug a grave for himself in the woods.


“They absolutely believe it’s true.”

New evidence also shows that the father made and sent pornographic videos involving his daughter during his lifetime.

When a post-mortem analysis was presented as forensic evidence, it was found that the father was an “aggressive” child sex offender who had “a particular sexual preference for his daughter”.

According to reports from the Serbsky Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Medical Examination, if the girls did not agree to his demands, he repeatedly threatened them with death, and the sisters believed he would kill them.

Angelina’s lawyer Daftian said:

Angelina’s lawyer Daftian said: “The examination confirmed the violence of the father against his daughter.

“Experts have found that every girl since 2014 has suffered from abusive syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder; all of these conditions have a direct causal link to Khachaturian’s behavior.”

The report found that abusive fathers manipulated their daughters with threats, violence, humiliation and “beating, teasing, physical and sexual abuse”.

It was established that the girls had no other relatives to stop the nightmare they faced.

All three will now argue in court that they acted in necessary self-defense in the hope that they will be acquitted.

Other family members accused the sisters of lying about their father’s sexual abuse and getting their father’s money by killing him.

While Olga Khalikova, a lawyer representing the late father, said she would dispute the new claims because “there are no biological traces to substantiate the sexual abuse of the girl”.

She claimed the girls had access to her father’s cell phone and may have sent alleged pornographic videos.

“The duty of the investigation was to prove that Mikhail sent the video, but that was not done,” she added.

If convicted, two of the three sisters, Krestina and Angelina Khachaturyan, could be jailed for eight to 20 years.


The bloody body of Mikhail Khachaturyan, 57, was found with “dozens” of stab wounds near the elevator in his apartment building.

The two older sisters face murder charges, while the young Maria is declared mentally incapacitated to stand trial.

But now Russia’s Investigative Committee has added the distribution of pornography to the charges brought against her father, who has been charged with sexual abuse, assault and paedophilia, after her death.

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