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Who was Martina Hite?(Video captures house explosion that killed 3 in Evansville, Indiana; coroner identifies victims) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Investigation,Couple, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Martina Heitwiki

Martina Haight Biography

Who is Martina Haight?

Charlie and Martina Hayter, two of three people killed in a horrific home bombing in Indiana on Wednesday, were marriage and business partners with ties to their communities.

On Thursday, authorities identified three people who were killed and nearly 40 homes damaged in a house explosion in a suburban Indiana community.

The Vanderbilt County Coroner’s Office released the names of the deceased: Charles “Charlie” Haight, 43; Martina Haight, 37; and Jessica Teague, 29.

Surveillance footage from nearby buildings showed an explosion before debris blasted into the air, followed by billows of smoke. Evansville Fire Department officials said 11 of the 39 damaged homes were uninhabitable after the explosion.

The neighborhood was in disarray on Wednesday, with debris from homes across the street being dumped on the ground. First responders search for victims.

At least three people were killed in an explosion in Evansville, Indiana.
Here’s what we know:

Steve Hite was on his way to his brother Charlie’s house when it exploded a minute before 1pm.


Charlie and his wife Martina were also inside. They were all killed. A third victim, Teague, was at a nearby house and was killed in the blast.

Steve Hayter’s son Aaron said his father was heartbroken.

“I wish I had picked it up sooner,” Aaron said. “It hit him really hard.”

Charlie and Martina Haight work at the Fresh Market and have a table at the Cowboy Jim Flea Market in town. Charlie volunteered for the Harrison High School football team, filming videos and distributing equipment.

Aaron Hite said his aunt and uncle were loving and understanding. Aaron said Charlie helped him move into his first apartment in Evansville. Martina Hite likes purple and likes to wear purple, he said.

“It’s hard, really,” Aaron said of the loss.

3 dead, families displaced

Evansville Fire Chief Mike Connery said Thursday morning that three people died Wednesday and one was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Beth Sweeney, executive director of the Southwest Indiana chapter of the American Red Cross, said the Red Cross helped about 15 families, providing hotel accommodation for most of them. The group is working to provide families with food, water and clothing.


A Gofundme has been created to cover the couple’s end-of-life expenses and any other expenses the family may need.

Jessica Teague, 29, was the third person killed in the blast.

Ring Doorbell cameras captured the horrific moment a house exploded in Evansville, Indiana, killing Hites and Teagues and damaging 39 homes in the neighborhood.

Maddie Struble posted the video on Facebook on Wednesday night, showing flying debris before it was cleaned up, revealing the front porch of her home with an American flag still flying.

Bent and broken roof tiles were seen at the top of the porch, smoke engulfed the area and a house across the street was destroyed.

“Fortunately, Trevor and I are not at home; however, our house is uninhabitable,” Struble captioned the video.

“We cannot thank the Evansville Police Department for all the help in finding our dogs and returning them to us,” she wrote, noting, “Our cat is still outside so keep an eye out for him.”

“Our sympathies go out to those across the street who lost their lives in this tragic incident.”

Authorities said an explosion occurred around 1 p.m. in the 1000 block of North Weinbach Avenue in Evansville in a 100-foot radius, completely leveling one home, splitting another in two, and 39 others. people are severely damaged.

A resident named Dorthy Waters described the explosion as a “sonic boom”.

“I thought a bomb fell on us or a tree fell from the house,” she told 14 News. “It shook so hard, it went through my chest and rattled my windows.

“I don’t know what happened, but I feel very sad for these people.”

Three people died in the impact and another was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening conditions. Their names have not been released pending notification of relatives.

Fire Chief Mike Connery said at a Thursday morning news conference that authorities were now warning they called off searches Wednesday night because of the “precariousness” of the home, and possibly others.

He said crews were called to the scene on Thursday to reinforce homes so the fire department could continue their search, but at least 11 homes had to be completely demolished and “uninhabitable”.

The American Red Cross assisted 15 families displaced by the bombing.

Evansville firefighters are expected to provide an update at 11 a.m. local time.

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