Who Was Leonardo Del Vecchio & Cause Of Death? Luciana Nervo Fare First Wife, Children’s, Funeral & Obituary!

In this article, we will introduce you to Leonardo Del Vecchio. So everyone who was there was very curious about him and how he met the love of his life, so first of all, we’re going to clear the label that he was married 3 times in his life, so talking about his first marriage , so he married Luciana Nervo. However, speaking of her second marriage, he married his second partner, whose name was Nicoletta Campillo. He was married twice to her second partner, so he was a very famous Italian businessman and founder of Luxottica. According to recent reports, he recently passed away.Follow our website Gossip World Network Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Leonardo Del Vecchio's cause of death

Leonardo Del Vecchio’s cause of death

So his death was confirmed by a local newspaper in Italy, he was also known in the musical instrument fashion world, he was the largest manufacturer of sunglasses in the world, and his brands had branches like Ray-Ban and Oakley. Both brands are famous and everyone wants to own sunglasses from these companies, but we know they are a bit pricey, but they are worth the money. Both brands have very well-known names in the industry.

Who is Leonardo Del Vecchio?family and children

So now we’re going to tell you what happened to Luciana Nervo when she separated from Leonardo del Vecchio in ’90, but talking about his first wife, whose name was Mowgli . They were both beautiful couples, they decided to get together in 1950 and decide whether to get married or not, to talk about the kids, so they raised three kids together. However, the relationship didn’t work out, so they decided to separate and divorce in 1990.

Leonardo del Vecchio: Wikipedia, biography and age

Luciana didn’t show up anywhere, he couldn’t come forward because of Vecchio’s passing, it was a very sudden passing, and when it comes to age, he’s totally devastated, so her obituary at 87, so it hasn’t been released, but People were heartbroken, and they were looking forward to going to see Leonard at her funeral. They used to be so happy and beautiful that they decided to add all three children to their family, talking about three children so they could cough up their father’s last name.

When it came to their child, the couple waited a long time and after 3 years they decided to have their third child. Speaking of the eldest son Claudio, now he is mature enough, he is like his father, now he is a businessman and CEO of Brooks Brothers Group, he is also married, he has three children with her wife named Laura.

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