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Who Was Kerry Whelan And What Was Her Cause Of Death? How Did She Die? Wiki Bio Explored

A shocking case had been registered many years ago when an aged lady has been killed. The lady was discovered by law enforcement and later identified as Dorothy Davis. The reports claimed that her murderer has been executed for money. She was last visited by Ruth Burrell who owes Ms Davis around $100,000 she was hoping that Burrell would return her money but instead of returning her money, Burrell took her life. The news went viral and took no while to become the talk of the town. Get more information on Kerry Whelan’s dead and obituary.

According to the latest reports, law enforcement found Ruth Burell guilty in the year 2008. In the year 1997, Burell even captivated his former employer named Kerry Whelan. Kerry was last seen along with Burell in Parramatta and sent her husband around a $1 million ransom note. Her husband informed the police authority about the ransom note. After making supreme efforts, the police department managed to take down the culprit and found him guilty after a long period of trial ran from 1997 to 2008. However, the culprit never disclosed the burial of the corpse of the victims.

Who Was Kerry Whelan?

The police officials informed that Burrell had a farm adjacent to the Bungonia Wilderness on the edge of the Southern Highlands. As and when the case gained the attention of the police authority they started a brief and quick investigation but didn’t find any kind of graves or any signs that any kind of corpse was buried there. The case later involved the NSW government recovering the dead bodies of both the victims, but unfortunately, the government failed to find out the corpse of the victims. The families of both the victims were devastated after knowing this.

In addition to this, after finding Burrell guilty during the trial he was booked for life imprisonment and after around 8 years the culprit passed away in the year 2016. He even didn’t disclose the whereabouts of the bodies. After so many years it is still a mystery for the police department where Burrell hid the victims. The police officers haven’t disclosed much about the culprit so far. There is a list of information regarding victims and culprits that is being reviewed. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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