Who Was Juan Carlos Garcia Wife Abril Pérez Sagaón? Ex-Amazon CEO Accused of paying hitmen $9,000 for ex-wife’s 2019 Murder

Who is Juan Carlos Garcia’s wife, Abril Pérez Sagan?Former Amazon CEO accused of paying killer $9,000 for ex-wife’s 2019 murder, #Juan #Carlos #Garcia #Wife #Abril #Pérez #Sagaón #ExAmazon #CEO #Accused #paying #hitmen #exwifes #Murder welcome arrive 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Former Amazon Mexico CEO Juan Carlos Garcia has been charged in court with hiring two hitmen and killing his ex-wife Abril Pérez, according to reports Sagaón). On June 6, 2022, the executive was charged with hiring two hitmen and paying them about $9,000 to murder his wife in November 2019. The woman was reportedly hit in the head and neck by a man on a motorcycle. The news became a hot topic on the Internet and was discussed by everyone. Let’s see more about the matter here.

Juan Carlos Garcia wife Abril Pérez Sagaón

Juan Carlos’ wife, Abril Sagaón, was allegedly sitting in a car while driving through Mexico City when a man on a motorcycle opened fire from the passenger’s side window towards She was shot in the head and neck. Now, the CEO is reportedly accused of killing his ex-wife by paying the killers. In addition, he is accused of offering another $2,500 in the case she brought against him if the killer murdered her before her next court hearing.

Earlier, Abriel accused her husband of attempting to murder the couple while they were still together. Garcia fled to the United States before her case was tried. According to Perez’s evidence in court, she fell asleep at their shared residence in January 2019, when she was woken by a blow to the head, El Pais reported. She claimed she saw Gaka standing in front of her with a baseball bat.

Abril then testified that Juan tried to strangle her after she was stabbed in the cheek with a sharp object, before their children pushed Juan away and Perez was able to escape through the window. Garca was temporarily detained and released after the court determined there was insufficient evidence to prove he intended to murder her. The charges were classified by a judge as domestic violence.

After her assassination, the CEO wrote a letter to Mexico City Mayor Claudia Simbaum, claiming his innocence. “As a father, I would never want something like this to happen to my children, it hurts them and changes our lives,” the defendant wrote. Let us add that she was traveling with her lawyer and two underage sons on November 25, 2019, when she was shot in the head and neck by two men. No one else in the car was injured, but Abril Pérez Sagaón died.

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