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Who was Johnny Famechon? (Former world boxing champion and Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame member Johnny Famechon has died aged 77.)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Johnny Farmechon Wiki

Johnny Farmechon Biography

Who is Johnny Farmechon?

Johnny Famechon is one of the most popular and skilled Australian boxers of all time, but a brutal accident outside the ring proved his incredible tenacity and graceful spirit.

Jean-Pierre “Johnny” Famechon, 77, died in Melbourne, leaving behind a reputation as a master craftsman who helped popularize the sport in Australia.

With his silky defensive skills, Famechon has been dubbed “poetry in motion” and his deft prowess exemplifies why boxing can be called the sweet science.

Famechon’s biggest challenge in life was not in the boxing ring, but recovering from being hit by a car near Sydney’s Warwick Farm Racecourse in 1991. He was in a coma for 10 days.


He has had some memorable golden stallions in his career, such as his epic world title victory over Cuban Jose Legra in 1969 at the Albert Hall in London.

His victory was so great that he was given the keys to the city of Melbourne on his return to Australia and was named King of Momba in 1970, showing that he was a true Australian sporting superstar.

The last game of his career was a one-point loss to Mexican Vicente Saldivar in Roma, a defeat he never got over.

In the photo after the judge’s ruling, he is wearing a beret, a special gift from a fan.

“I saw a guy a few days before the fight and told him how much I liked that hat,” he said.

“He told me that if I won the match, he would give it to me. I saw him after the fight and he gave it to me and he said: ‘This is your buddy…you won.

“But I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying my run.”

cause of death

Famechon suffered an acquired brain injury and a severe stroke, but two years after the accident, he began a special rehabilitation program that brought him to an almost full recovery.

“It was a tough time, but I’m back to normal,” he once told News Corp.

“I have a great life and I’m grateful for it all. You have to get through it too. I’ve seen amazing things in Australia and abroad.”

In fact it does.

After moving with her family from France to Australia at the age of five, Famechon has been living with her father since her mother and brother Christian returned to France a few years later.

Although he has never boxed as an amateur, he has been boxing professionally for over 20 years and has a record of 56 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses. “He’s fought so many battles, enough is enough,” he said when he retired at 24.

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