Who was Helen Kuhn? (Florida teacher, 108, dies just 16 days before she could see family lawyer get jailed for five years after robbing her of $3m)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Who is Helen Kuhn?

“Helen has taught at the school for 35 years, flying a plane at 93 and driving a car at 101,” Orange County officials said.

Sadly, his elderly victim Helen Kuhn, who died only 16 days ago, spoke of her excitement at the prospect of hearing a ‘key clank’ as Robbie was sent downstairs.

In 2019, when Robbie took over from her father Ronald, Kuhn had a sharp mind when he started working as her lawyer.

But Robbie somehow tricked her into signing a power of attorney, and the scam only came to light after Kuhn received a much higher tax bill than she expected.

She became suspicious and turned over her documents to a fraud investigator, and Robbie was charged shortly after.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Robbie was charged with exploiting an elderly man and stealing more than $100,000, according to Fox News.

During that time, Robbie reportedly used Khun’s millions of dollars in his personal bank account for entertainment and to pay others.

His deception included transferring his funds to another bank.

Coon believes that Robbie wants to keep most of the cash until he dies, and then spend it after he dies.

A former school teacher for nearly 40 years, Kuhn is very smart despite her advanced age, and she knows something is odd when she gets a huge tax bill.

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