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Who was Dan Rapoport?(Mystery surrounding death of anti-Putin Latvian-American businessman who ‘jumped to his death from DC apartment’) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dan Rapoport Wiki

Dan Rapoport Biography

Who is Dan Rapoport?

The Russian business partner of an anti-Putin Latvian investor was found dead this week in Washington, D.C., after apparently jumping from an apartment building and three years ago also from falling from a high-rise building.

Dan Rapoport, 52, was found dead outside the 2400 M apartment on August 14. The Latvian-born businessman previously lived in the United States with his first wife, but was in Kyiv before the war with his second wife.


His death this week shocked family and friends. Rapoport, an outspoken critic of Putin, denounced the war and obsessed with social media posts about it. In recent months, he has been telling his friends that he is seeking his help to “humiliate” them after Russian venture capitalists scammed him out of $10,000.

Before he died, he sent his Ukrainian rescue dog boy to a park with a suicide note and cash tied to his collar. His wife Alena denied police claims he committed suicide.

Rapoport’s death bears striking resemblance to that of his business partner Sergey Tkachenko, who died in Moscow in 2017 . Tkachenko was filmed hanging from the window of an apartment building, dying for his precious life before losing control and falling to his death.


Russian media at the time claimed it was a horrific accident and he just wanted to scare his girlfriend.

Together, the couple run the iconic Moscow nightclub Soho Rooms.

Their deaths add to a long list of men linked to Putin who have ended in suspicious suicides.

Others included Sergey Protosenya, who was found dead in his Spanish villa with his wife and daughter stabbed to death. He was hung from a tree in the backyard.

That same month, former Russian bank executive Vladislav Avayev was found shot dead.

Rapoport’s death sparked ominous memories of the 1941 “suicide” of Walter Krivitsky, the alleged Soviet spy who jumped to his death in Washington.

Krivitsky once famously said in a small circle: “Any fool can kill, but it takes a real artist to express natural death or suicide.”

He was later found dead in Washington, D.C., and has long been suspected of being assassinated by the Kremlin.

The past year has seen multiple mysterious deaths of some of Putin’s closest allies and associates.

In April, Sergei Protosenya was found dead in his Spanish villa, with his wife and daughter stabbed to death. He was hung from a tree in the backyard.

That same month, former Russian bank executive Vladislav Avayev was found shot dead.

Rapoport, 52, was found outside the 2400 M apartment shortly before 6pm on August 14, his body was found on the street along with his cracked mobile phone, $2,620 in cash, a lanyard keychain and a broken white headphones.

Rapoport, a businessman who ran the iconic Soho Rooms nightclub in Moscow, lived in Washington, D.C., with his first wife, Irina, from 2012 to 2016.

Until this year, he lived in Kyiv with his second wife, Ukrainian virologist Alena, and his young daughter. When it erupted in February, he sent them to Denmark and returned to the United States, intending to bring them back.

In recent months, however, he has been seen “surrounded by girls” at London’s Connaught Hotel, and he has been telling his international friends that a Russian venture capital firm has swindled him out of a $10,000 bonus. .

Originally, Tatler’s former Russia editor Yuniya Pugacheva said this week, citing sources close to him, that she committed suicide after freeing his dog boy with suicide notes and cash.

The DC Metropolitan Police told DailyMail.com that an investigation is ongoing, but they do not suspect any wrongdoing. They are awaiting the medical examiner’s report.

His widow Alena said she did not kill herself and Pugacheva’s sources were wrong.

Three days before his death, Rapoport posted a disturbing photo on Facebook of Marilyn Brando as Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, with the caption: “Horrible, terrifying.”

Obsessed with the war in Ukraine and Putin’s army, he has been an outspoken critic of the regime.


In April, he sent a message to a friend on Facebook, writing to a friend: “I need a little help. I just posted on FB that a Russian venture capital firm was trying to scam me over $10,000. .

‘I would appreciate it if you could like and/or comment on it. I don’t expect to be paid, but I want to maximize his public embarrassment.

The list of items found on or near him after his death raised further questions.

It included not only a phone, keychain, headphones and cash, but also a pair of glasses, an unspecified piece of metal, orange flip-flops, a black hat and a Florida driver’s license.

Rapoport, an outspoken critic of Putin and the Ukrainian war, is his wife and lived in Ukraine before the conflict.

He evacuated his wife and planned to bring them to the United States.

Rapoport lived in Washington, D.C., between 2012 and 2016, when he arrived from Russia amid anti-Putin protests, when he moved to Kyiv and sold the house to Ivan after Donald Trump won the election Card and Jared Trump.

Mr. Rapoport met and married her second wife in Kyiv, with whom he had a daughter.

News of Mr. Rapoport’s death first appeared on the Telegram channel of former Russian Tatler editor Yuniya Pugacheva on Tuesday.

Pugacheva said the treasurer “killed himself in Washington, D.C.” before providing details about the dog and the suicide note.

He also claimed to have seen Rapoport at London’s posh Connaught bar in May, claiming he was there “with young girls”.

“They said his wife left him,” he added.

Dan Rapoport Fast and Facts

  • Dan Rapoport, 52, was found dead outside the 2400 M apartment on August 14
  • Three years ago, his business partner Sergei Tkachenko died in Moscow
  • Tkachenko was seen dangling in an apartment in Moscow
  • Police at the time said he was trying to scare his partner and accidentally fell over
  • Tkachebko and Rapoport run Moscow nightclub Soho Rooms
  • Rapoport found dead on street outside Washington DC apartment
  • In the fall, he has a cell phone, headphones, $2,620 in cash and a keychain with a lanyard
  • Earlier, he gave his dog boy away for free with a “suicide note and cash” on him
  • His widow said he didn’t kill himself and didn’t have any notes
  • He is an outspoken critic of Putin who opposes the war in Ukraine and has recently been complaining to friends about being paid out of $10,000 by the Russians

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