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Who is Billy Kamets?

VOICE actor Billy Kametz has died at 35 after battling colon cancer, according to family tributes.

He’s known for bringing characters from Pokémon and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to life.


Actor Billy Kametz dies after battling stage IV colon cancer

The late star revealed his cancer diagnosis a few months ago Credit: Instagram
Billy died on June 9, according to his obituary.

Just a few months ago, the voice actor revealed his diagnosis to his fans.

He said he was starting treatment and continuing chemotherapy at the time.

His family updated Billy’s GoFundMe page with news of his passing.

The tragic update reads: “I will be officially closing this GFM on Tuesday, June 14th for final thoughts and donations.


“Any contributions not used for Billy’s treatment will go to the celebration of his life and funeral.

“The family would also be happy to contribute to the Colon Cancer Alliance in Billy’s honor, if you wish.”

The touching tribute continued, reassuring fans: “Above all, I want you to know how grateful you are and how much strength you have provided.

“Billy and I often share thoughts of incredible and joyful generosity for everyone.

“He knew he left this world peacefully, knowing how loved he was and will always be.”

The message concluded: “I miss my friend dearly. But I’m relieved to know that his legacy will continue with his work and all fans who now find out what an amazing person he was.”

In his obituary, his family said more about him.

“Anyone who has met Billy will tell you that he is one of the most genuine, humble and caring people they have ever met. His infectious personality and smile always fill a room with joy and happiness. Leigh always makes a positive impression on anyone with whom you have come into contact.

Eternal Love

Billy was in a long-term relationship until his death.

Her girlfriend Erica Lindbeck posted her own tribute to the late star on Instagram.

She shared a photo of the two standing side by side.

For a sweet moment, she seems to be kissing her boyfriend on the cheek.

She kept the simple caption for her, writing: “I will love you for the rest of my life.”

fight cancer

Billy revealed his battle with cancer to fans in April, sharing a long video on social media detailing his many struggles.

He said in the clip: “I just wanted to pop in and make a quick video of what’s going on in my life and some health updates, I just wanted to let you all know.

“I thought it was weird to make a post, so I just wanted to make a short video, but I’ll come out and say it, and then I’ll go back and tell you the whole story.”

He continued: “I was recently diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. I was fine. As soon as we found out, we had a fantastic team of doctors and specialists who really helped me.”

“I’m on a lot of pain medication to help with this. I’ve started chemo. I actually have my next appointment tomorrow, so we’ll keep it going.”

“They’ve been doing radiation therapy to parts of my spine.”

Billy said it was a “natural wonder” he started a few weeks ago.

He shared with fans at the time: “I had a little pain in my left shoulder blade and it started to move down my arm and it was really painful.

“It was like this for a while, and then I couldn’t go to the bathroom for a week, and then I couldn’t eat, so we ran to the emergency room as soon as it happened.” They did a CT scan.

“They went through everything. Colon cancer hindered me a lot in a second, so they gave me an ostomy bag to help things go smoothly, so it took a little getting used to.”

“It moved to my liver, lungs and spine. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel like I had any side effects until it hit my spine, and at that point, it was pressing on my nerves and it made my arm go numb. Get confused.” . Up. “

Fans were friendly in the comments, cheering him on.

One wrote: “You got this Billy! I adore you from afar and give you so much love.”

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