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Who Was Anastasia Grishman? Jealous boyfriend Stabs Her Check Her Death Images and Videos

Popular Russian OnlyFans and TikTok star Anastasia Grishman have been found dead in her bathtub. Anastasia was found with stab wounds lying in her bathtub. She was missing for a week before she was found dead. She was missing for one week and her friends had informed the police officials about her.

After the police officials were informed by her friends, they went to her apartment and found her lying lifeless in her bathtub. Anastasia was 26 years old at the time was found dead. Police officials stated that Anastasia Grishman was stabbed six times in her neck was then left in her apartment’s bathtub. As soon as her body was found, police officials started a manhunt to find her 24 years old boyfriend Dmitry Chernyshov. Dmitry is a native of Omsk. Dmitry helped her film her videos for Tiktok and OnlyFans. Dmitry has a past criminal history, police officials stated. His past criminal charges included theft and military evasion.

The police officials arrested Dmitry Chernyshov. Dmitry was arrested by the police officials and has been charged with murder. Dmitry Chernyshov reportedly confessed to the crime of killing his girlfriend Anastasia Grishman. Although he hasn’t revealed the motive behind killing his girlfriend. Anastasia Grishman was a very popular personality in the adult entertainment industry. She earned a massive amount of name and fame in the adult entertainment industry. She was widely “grshmn” on adult pages. She was one of the most popular and successful adult content creators in Russia. She had a great fan following all across and was loved and adored by a massive amount people.

Although the murder of Anastasia Grishman is not a new case, there have been many cases of murders of Tiktokers and Russian models under mysterious circumstances. There have many incidents of murder of popular Russian models and social media influencers. Just a few days ago, popular social media influencer Sania Khan was also shot to death by her husband. Her body was stashed in a suitcase. Before her, another popular social media influencer Gretta Vedler was also killed by her ex-boyfriend after she called out Russian President Vladimir Putin as a ‘Psychopath’ on her official social media account. Dmitry continued posting pictures and videos of Gretta on social media so that no one could find out that she is no more. Although after some time it was revealed that Gretta Vedler has been killed by her ex-boyfriend. The investigation in this case currently going on and soon the motive behind the murder of Anastasia might be revealed. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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