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Who was Amy Hazouri?(Why gangster-loving mother who ‘would carry guns for the boys and give alibis when needed’ was killed in a hail of bullets alongside her innocent hairdresser friend amid fears crime) Wiki, Bio, Age,Crime,Death,Attack,Victims, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Amy Hazuri Wiki

Amy Hazuri Biography

Who is Amy Hazuri?

A mother who was shot in the back seat of a car with her hairdresser friend may have “knew too much” about the blatant murder of a Sydney gang member, according to underworld sources.

The brutal executions of Lamet Fadllallah, 48, and Amy Hazouri, 39, have shocked the police force amid fears that underworld bosses “break the rules” that once meant women and children were off-limits.

Ms Fadrala was sitting in the back seat of a silver Toyota four-wheel drive outside her home on Hendy Street, Panania, west Sydney, when a dozen bullets flew in through the window on Saturday night.

She is believed to have been targeted for her organised crime ties after marrying two of the city’s most notorious drug lords and people close to her, revealing: “Lin was playing with big shots, maybe she knew too much. too much.” .

‘She was right in life. She would carry guns for the children, provide an alibi if needed, until she mingled with the gangsters and was killed,” an underworld source who knew Ms Fadrala told The Telegraph.


“She always thought she was smart, but this was the most dangerous Sydney she’d ever been to. Killing women so openly was next level.

Sitting next to her, Ms Hazouri is believed to have caused “collateral damage” in the vicious attack, only to be shot at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man were also in the car, but miraculously escaped the hail of more than ten bullets and ran to safety for help.

There are already fears that Sydney’s ongoing gang war is spiraling out of control, with 14 execution-style murders across the city in the past two years, as various Middle Eastern crime gangs and their cyclists fight to control the lucrative drug trafficking. war. Pandemic heels.


But with 15 and 16 victims now added to an overworked detective’s roster, police said it was clear the underworld ringleader had “breached the rules” and the streets had never been bloodier.

Ms. Fadrala, who was surrounded by underworld figures throughout her adult life, married Shady Debas in her early twenties in the 1990s.

Derbas was a key member of the Telopea St Gang, a group created after Sydney’s West Street Punchbowl, which became notorious as a hornet’s nest for Middle Eastern gang activity between 1998 and 2000.

The legacy of that period led to the street gang culture that rages on the streets of Western Sydney today.

Fadlallah was recently won over by a 200kg standing man, Helal Safi, who was found dead in a Sydney apartment in January 2021 after suffering a heart attack.

The majestic identity of Kings Cross in 2010 survived a prison murder after being stabbed 42 times by rival gangsters.

His injuries were so severe that he was in a coma for five months and police believe it was his size that kept him alive.

Strangely, his two crime lord lovers have swapped partners with Safi’s ex-girlfriend Hilal, who is to marry Debas.

Detectives are investigating possible links between the couple and Fadela Lara with other criminals, and whether she has information that others want to keep silent.

Ms Hazouri is believed to have no such criminal relationship and is a dedicated hairdresser highly regarded for her expertise in bridal styling.

She also has a TikTok page filled with clips of her smiling and dancing to Middle Eastern music.

Her colleagues at the Bankstown salon shared a touching tribute on Sunday, saying they were “heartbroken” to learn of her untimely death.

“Our hearts are broken, our hearts are broken, you left us too soon,” the tribute read.

“May your memories last…until we meet again.”

NSW Police Detective Inspector Danny Doherty admitted on camera on Sunday that the shooting was “unprecedented” as the Sydney underworld breached an “unwritten law” banning women and families.

He said police would stop at nothing to catch the perpetrators.

“This was a shocking attack on two women. They lost their lives. It was a planned murder, it was actually a murder, and it happened on a public street in Sydney,” he said.

“This is unacceptable from any point of view. This is truly unprecedented. We are determined to find answers for this family.

“They don’t distinguish whether you are a man or a woman. All the rulebooks are scrapped, which is worrying.

Amy Hazouri Fast and Facts

  • Two women shot dead in Sydney underworld ‘assassination’
  • Lamet Fadlalleh, 48, and Amy Hazouri, 39, preparing for a night out
  • They were fired on by another vehicle in a Toyota SUV in Panania
  • The attack is believed to have been targeted and Ms Hazouri was collateral damage
  • They are the 15th and 16th people killed in Sydney’s ongoing gang war
  • A 16-year-old girl and 20-year-old man were also in the Toyota but were not injured
  • Detectives are investigating Ms Fadela La’s links to underworld figures

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