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Who Was Ajay Nandal CWG 2022 Bronze Medalist Pooja Sihag’s Husband? Death Reason

Ajay Nanda, husband of Commonwealth game bronze medalist “Pooja Sihag” breathed last on Saturday, 27th August 2022 at his residence due to mysterious circumstances. The matter of great unhappiness is getting circulated on social networking sites rapidly like wildfire. Therefore, uncounted are expressing their concern towards her as she is going through a heart-clutch of losing her husband in such a spontaneous manner. Almost everyone is standing by her in this hard time so that, her strength could remain ahead to bear the pain of losing her better half. Below you could explore everything you need to know.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Ajay Nandal was not diagnosed with any kind of severe health complications or life-threatening disease, that could be affected him while deteriorating. He was completely well till his last breath therefore, his demise is remaining the subject of wide discussion among everyone. As uncounted are keeping their eyes to make themselves aware of everything, even the police department is also investigating the case while seizing the spot where he was found dead. So that, no one could come inside of the room and they can figure out the case upside down meticulously.

What Happened To Ajay Nandal?

Reportedly, Ajay Nandal was found lifeless under mysterious circumstances at his residence which is located in Rohtak, Haryana on Saturday, 27th August 2022. No wounds or any spots are appearing on his body and therefore, the case has turned a bit tricky for the concerned authorities. As police department is trying their best to find out the entire thing and if someone is standing behind all these, then they will not let the person go at any cost. Because now, the issue has turned into a hot potato among everyone, as uncounted are seeking justice for him if somebody because the cause of his untimed departure.

As everyone knows, Pooja Sihag is an Indian Wrestler who got the victory in Commonwealth games 2022 in the manner of making the Bronze medal on her name, in the 76 kg category. Even she had been awarded by the Haryana Government as well because of her accomplishment, on the precious occasion of Independence day. She had rewarded at around 57.5 lakh, as she made the entire Indian proud. But now, unfortunately, she is going through a great shock of losing her husband which is a matter of great sadness. So we will also pray may his soul rest in peace (RIP Ajah Nandal).

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