Who is YouTuber Lord Miles aka Miles Routledge as he allegedly goes missing in Afghanistan

British YouTuber Lord Miles missing on Twitter, believed to be missing in Afghanistan

Due to YouTuber Miles Routledge’s inactivity on social media, fans around the world claim he is missing in Afghanistan.

Who is YouTuber Lord Miles aka Miles Routledge, he is allegedly missing in Afghanistan and where is he now

YouTuber Miles Routledge, also known as Lord Miles, may be lost after reading the message. A Twitter account claimed he was last seen in Afghanistan. However, the police did not provide any clarification on this information.

In 2021, just before the Taliban overthrew the government, Lord visited Kabul, Afghanistan, and gained thousands of followers on social media.

The YouTuber was one of several people who were safely evacuated to Dubai at the time. After returning to his home country, he continued to travel and vlog, until he suddenly disappeared ten days ago. His most recent YouTube video, uploaded on March 5, was filmed in Brazil.

Fans were worried because the YouTuber hadn’t been active on any of his platforms in the past two weeks.

Lord Miles: “Missing”

Fans were already concerned about Lord disappearing from his typical social media presence, but a recent tweet highlighted rumors that he was last seen in Afghanistan on March 6 and has not been in touch with anyone since.

The YouTuber’s last tweet was posted in the last week of February. In the tweet, he mentioned returning to Afghanistan.

On Twitter, the Taliban’s public relations department claimed the YouTuber was last seen in Afghanistan.

YouTubers are adventurous

The 23-year-old YouTuber is reportedly a student and bank trainee from Birmingham, England. He was reportedly a third-year student at Loughborough University.

His YouTube channel featured a video of one of his most horrific encounters with the Taliban during his previous visit.

His Twitter profile describes him as someone who “visits the most dangerous places on earth for fun”. Taliban control of Afghanistan, conflict in South Sudan and Ukraine, gun battle with Taliban, and Snake Island. “

Lord’s videos have hundreds of millions of views and over 56,000 subscribers on YouTube.

His content is all about him traveling the world while doing charity work. According to Lord’s official website, when he traveled to Afghanistan, he gave his monthly salary to the locals.

Still, he wrote a book about his adventures in Afghanistan.

Fans pray for Miles Routledge

Despite rumors of Lorde’s last known whereabouts. Some have claimed that a YouTuber may be staying away from social media or visiting some other dangerous location to remove items from his bucket list.

Still, his followers are eager to know where he is. One user commented: “Lord Miles is reported missing; please pray for him.”

“Looks like Lord Miles is missing, that’s scary. Pray for him!” another commented.

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