Who Is Xichen Yang? Florida Man Slit Wife’s Throat Why Did He Kill Her? Check Death Cause

The latest horrifying news has come from the US state of Florida where a wicked man chopped his wife’s throat and killed her with pure barbarity. The husband who committed this barbaric felony has been identified as 21 years old Xichen Yang. According to the reports, Xichen Yang barbarically Sliced his wife’s neck and then dragged her to the bathtub while playing her favorite music. The deceased wife has been identified as Nhu Quynh Pham.

Xichen Yang confessed to the police officials that he killed his wife on Monday 20 June in the apartment located in Altamonte Springs Florida. Xichen Yang has now been charged with first-degree murder and tampering with the evidence. Xichen further revealed the reason why killed his wife to the police. Xichen stated that he killed his wife because she destroyed his passport. The murder itself is utter barbarity, and the way he committed it is so deadly and horrendous.

Who Is Xichen Yang?

The officials have revealed that Xichen Yang’s wife was found lying in a pool of blood in the bathtub in the apartment of the couple. Yang has revealed many horrendous barbaric things about how he committed this felony, he stated that he held her wife into the water and played her favorite music until she lost her breath. He also revealed about the knife he used for slicing his wife’s neck and how she was tremoring for life.

Yang also cleaned the blood which was all over the walls and floor before he fled the crime spot. Xichen Yang further stated that when his wife destroyed his passport, he was full of anger and rage. He further continued and stated that he had an option to stop but he didn’t stop, because he wasn’t raised like that, he was not raised like leaving things in between, and thus he killed his wife. Xichen Yang is a technician at the Marco Polo pools in Orlando Florida. He graduated from Oviedo High School.

The police officials were called by Yang’s boss Micheal Rathal. Rathal informed that when Yang didn’t come to work he called him up to enquire and it was then Yang Confessed everything to him after knowing this Rathal dialed 911 and informed the police. This murder case has been lately massively viral on social media and media headlines. This case has shattered and flabbergasted everyone.

No one could ever imagine this incident. The crime committed by Xichen Yang shows the evil and barbarism filled in him. The case is being investigated and the court proceedings for the case will be started soon, according to the reports from the police officials. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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