Who Is Wilfried Happio? French Hurdler Assaulted Right Before Race Still Wins Video Viral On Social Media!

Netizens are currently busy because they want to know about Wilfried Happio. The name was in the news when an athlete was brutally beaten minutes before his victory. Screenshots and videos currently circulating show Happio covering his injured eye with a headband as he competes in the national competition in Caen, France. The news is all over the world and people are showing interest in it and want to know all the valid information that will help them get a clear picture of the whole thing. A French athlete has set an example for those who are always afraid to do anything or always make excuses in the face of difficulties, according to new reports. He wonderfully didn’t let the brutal attack get in the way of his victory. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Who is Wilfrid Happy?

Who is Wilfrid Happy?

Not only did he play with a serious injury, but he also beat other healthy and good athletes by winning in organized competition. Happy is said to be warming up ahead of the 400m hurdles racing championship organised at the French National Congress in Caen. The event was organised on Saturday 25 June 2022 when he was attacked by unknown persons. The attackers allegedly bypassed security and asserted from Happio himself that he was the 23-year-old bodyguard he targeted, before repeatedly attacking or punching him in the face. Happio’s coach, Olivier Vallaeys, intervened to save the athlete’s life from the punch.

Video of French hurdler Wilfried Hapio attacked before race still wins

Apparently, the attackers have been apprehended by officials. The whole horrific incident happened 20 minutes before the game. The attack reportedly left the athlete with multiple face injuries and injuries. Others watched him cough up blood. But surprisingly and impressively, Happio didn’t let his run get in the way when he entered the race, and surprisingly won the race. He allegedly bandaged one of his eyes before winning the game.

Wilfried Hapio: Wikipedia and Bio

He finished in 48.57 clock time. After the game, the athlete spoke of his victory and attack. He said: “I don’t want to live on it. We all leave it to the right person. When it comes to the game, we work hard, we recreate the music and that’s it. It feels great. I’m glad I did this time. Here it is. I’m fine at the moment.” Happio’s coach Vallaeys said of the incident, saying: “During the warm-up, a big change happened. An unidentified person put his hopes on him and started hit him…”

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