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Who Is Waleeporn Gunan? Saman Gunan Wife Wiki Biography Age Where Is She Now?

Saman Gunan, who was reportedly on a mission, passed away, leaving his wife and adorable children behind. Following his death announcement, netizens flooded social media with tributes and RIP messages. Since a lot of time has passed since Saman left the world, people are curious to know how his wife, Waleeporn Gunan, is doing. Everyone wants to know where is she and if she has remarried after her husband’s demise. If you are wondering about the same, check out the full article and get the latest updates here.

According to reports, Saman Gunan lost his life while trying to save 13 unknown people from a cave complex in Chiang Rai. After supplying air tanks along the rescue path, the volunteer diver returned with supplying air tanks. At that time, Saman had his breathing apparatus in his mouth. Let us add that the temperature of the water was below freezing level and it made surviving a little harder for him.

Besides, darkness was also there which created a hindrance in locating other equipment for him. Due to this reason, he ran out of air, resulting in his unfortunate death. Around one year has passed since he died. Now, people are searching for any sort of information about his wife. Well, let us tell you that Waleeporn Gunan has accepted the reality and has moved on with her life. She spends nine to fifteen hours a day at her job with the Airports of Thailand.

Apart from working on weekdays, Waleeporn attends classes at the University of Rangsit on weekends. It is reported that she is studying entrepreneurship and innovation. However, she still feels lonely sometimes and misses her late husband and his presence. Talking about their first encounter, they met in the city of Nakhon Phanom. It also happens to be the location of her family’s home.

The young sailor in the Navy had reportedly arrived to compete in a triathlon when he first came into Valepon. He was 23 at that time. The couple fell in love with each other and tied the knot after Saman got a job with Airports of Thailand in Bangkok. After his passing, Waleeporn Gunan did not find anyone. She is still single and is focusing on her professional life. Not much information about her children is known yet. However, we are trying to fetch some details. Keep following our site and get all the latest updates.

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