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Who is Trevor Summers?(Florida man on trial for attempting to murder, rape ex-wife axes lawyers and cross-examines her)Wiki, Bio, Age,Crime,Family,Custody, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Trevor Summers Wiki

Trevor Summers Biography

Who is Trevor Summers?

On Wednesday, a Florida man on trial for attempted murder abruptly fired his attorney so he could personally question the alleged victim, his ex-wife.

Trevor Summers, 45, is accused of committing a murder-suicide conspiracy by breaking into the home of his then-estranged wife, Alisa Mathewson, in March 2017.

Prosecutors said Summers tied her mother of five, Matthewson, to Christmas lights and raped her during the two-day ordeal.


On Wednesday, the victim appeared shocked when she realised her abuser was willing to question her in her spare time.

“Good morning, Mrs. Mathewson,” Summers said, his ex-wife crying and looking away without responding.

The accused questioned her about her sex life before prosecutors objected and disputed the claim that he raped her after entering her residence through a window.

“You broke into my house in the middle of the night…you attacked me and tied me up,” Mathewson said after one of her questions. “Yes, you threatened me to have sex with you. You raped me!”

“So you call it rape?” Summers replied.

“This!” Mathewson said. “That’s the definition of rape. Breaking into someone’s house and attacking them and tying them up and having sex with them! That’s the definition of rape!”

According to prosecutors, Summers then left the house and drove with Mathewson to a secluded marina where he planned to rent a boat, kill her, and then kill himself.

But when Summers stopped at the Walmart, the captive took the opportunity to escape. As she screamed for help, Mathewson climbed out of the car and ran across the parking lot.

Summers decided to fire his lawyer so he could question his ex-wife personally.
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.


Prosecutors said an employee called the police after seeing Summers frantically pushing her into the car and speeding away from her.

Matthewson testified Monday that Summers took her to a secluded location and severed her wrists as punishment for her escape attempt.

The saga ended with Summers slitting his throat and attempting to rope Matthewson to death, before police arrived on the scene and took him into custody.

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