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Who is Toni Laudermick?(Toni Laudermick, Roger Mosley Wife and Daughter and Children)Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Husband,Wife, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Tony Loudmick Wiki

Toni Loudmick Biography

Who is Tony Loudmick?

American actor and director Roger Earl Moseley married Toni Loudmick. He is known for his great performances in older series such as The Mac, Hit Man and Magnum PI. He and Laudermick have three children together and have been married since 1976.

Although Mosley is a certified private helicopter pilot in real life, he is not allowed to set up his stunts at Magnum PI. Instead, he hired a pilot who wore fake muscle stockings.

The inauguration of the rebuilt MD 500D helicopter took place in 2013 at the HAI Heli-Expo in Las Vegas.

Roger Mosley’s wife Toni Loudmick

Roger Earl Mosley is married to Toni Laudermick and they have one daughter. Sandra Locke and Roger Earl Mosley had two children before. On July 16, 1960, Roger and Suandra married in secret; they later divorced after having two children.

Tony and Roger started dating in 1976 after their divorce and have been together ever since. The possibility of the couple getting married is uncertain, but they spend most of their time together. The couple’s extreme secrecy made it difficult to obtain much information about Toni Loudmick’s early years or birth.

Roger Earl Mosley was born in Los Angeles, California on December 18, 1938. His mother, Eloise Harris, raised him while they lived in Crown Court public housing. Although Roger graduated from a nearby high school, he skipped college and started his acting career 13 years later.

It is difficult to learn more about Roger E. Mosley’s father or siblings because he rarely talks about his family.


Her daughter Ch-a said she died peacefully at home with her family and loved ones.

Mosley’s daughter Ch-a announced early Sunday that her father had passed away peacefully surrounded by family and loved ones.

Actor’s Magnum PI. Tom Selleck’s Theodore, who runs a helicopter company, often helps Tom Selleck’s private investigator Thomas Magnum fly over the island of Hawaii to get out of trouble.

His biggest film role was in 1976’s “Leadbelly.”


The famous actor passed away peacefully at home on Sunday morning surrounded by family and loved ones, according to his daughter Ch-a, who wrote her sad news while paying tribute to her father.

Mosley is probably best known for the role as Theodore “TC” Calvin opposite Tom Selleck in the original “Magnum” series in the 1980s. His on-screen character runs a helicopter company and frequently flies over the island of Hawaii to help the male lead out of trouble.


Mosley played Hedi Ledbetter in the folk singer’s biography.

He admitted it was his favorite character in the 1982 issue of Ebony magazine.

Mosley retires to appear in an episode of the 2019 Magnum PI reboot, “Kiss Before I Die.”

On social media, his daughter wrote: “We will never be able to mourn such an amazing man.

“He will hate any tears shed in his name. It’s time to celebrate the legacy he left to us all. I love your dad.

“You loved me too. My heart is heavy, but I am strong. I will take care of mom, your love for nearly 60 years.

“You raised me well and she was well cared for. She sat on the safe side.”

Roger leaves behind his three children and his girlfriend of more than 40 years, Tony Loudmick.

The actor has also appeared on TV shows including “Night Court,” “Kung Fu,” “Starsky and Hutch,” “The Rockford Files,” “Baretta” and “Sanford & Sons.”

His film credits include The Mack, Hit Man, Sweet Jesus, Preacherman and Darktown Strutters, to name a few.

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Mosley is an American actor, director and co-writer who has a net worth of $3 million.

Roger E. Mosley Net Worth.

net worth: $3 million
Profession: actor
Country of Citizenship: U.S.

Toni Laudermick and Roger Mosley Children

The names of Toni Launderick’s three children are unknown. On the other hand, Toni Launderick’s only known son, Ch-a Mosley, is the youngest. Ch-a Mosley, 46, has a good relationship with both parents.

The three of them are often seen together in public because Ch-a, his parents, are very close. Ch-a is a replica of her mother, and the two of them look beautiful together.

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