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Who Is TikTok Kristin London? Her Bio, Age, Job, Married

Becoming a social media star is harder than you might think. Even if your intentions are good, you must be vigilant so as not to offend anyone. Just look at TikTok star Kristin London. While a video of her teaching social media to an elderly woman has been loved by many, her friend’s family has called out her for posting the content on social media.

Keep reading this TikTok Kristin London Bio to find out more and explore her life.

TikTok Christine London Drama

The drama began in January 2023, when Kristen posted a video recalling an instance in which she had to help a friend make sense of social media. There, she explains how her friend is really good at everything she does — except social media. Naturally, Kristen then helps her out, having fun at the same time.

To explain more about her experience, Kristen then cites teaching an elderly woman about social media. In no time, the video was loved by most of her fans as they talked about the experience resonating. But little did the TikTok star know that things would soon go from bad to worse, as her friend’s family accused her of posting content without permission.

So, in order to redeem himself, the Douyin celebrity immediately took down the video and posted a sincere apology on Douyin. “Yesterday I shared a TikTok that I firmly believed was funny and would be rewarded in the same way, but it definitely wasn’t. Obviously I embarrassed her, I offended her and that’s 100% my responsibility,” she said. Say.

Also, since another person in her video received the hate, she added, “I beg you all to stop picking on them. Take your anger out on me. I have apologized. I hate what I did to cause this Situation destroys relationships. So many lessons learned here. I implore everyone to stop attacking them. Anything that hates them needs to stop. They have a right to be upset and they have a right to express their feelings.”

Is TikTok Christine London Married?

Yes, Kristin London is married to her husband Mike. He sometimes graces her TikTok videos. The last time we saw him was on the first day of 2023. In ways that words cannot describe. I love each and every one of you! Have a healthy and happy 2023,” Kristen wrote in Mike’s post.

Sadly, we don’t know much about Mike, other than that he is an accountant and turns 44 in October 2022.

As for their children, Kristen and Mike have two sons with autism and a daughter with ADHD.

On his birthday, their son Avery, who turns 10 in January 2023, asked their parents to donate to a local food bank.

At the time, Emma was only 7.5 years old and had only one goal – to be a princess, model or cheerleader. So, one day, when she knew that her mother was going to meet a live model, she asked to accompany her mother. The funny thing is, she went back after seeing all the models and was still waiting to meet the models.

Their eldest, Ryan, is in his teens.

Fun fact: Kristen has tried several times to prank her husband in the video, but failed.

TikTok Christine London Times

In 2022, Christine London will be 34 years old.

But most of her fans think she is much older.

Where is TikTok Kristin London from?

Christine London is from Ontario, Canada.

TikTok Christine London Works

Christine London is a TikToker.But not only does she run her own account, she also runs a company called 124 Queens Hotel and Spa. Here is its TikTok page @124 Queens Hotel.

124 Queens Hotel and Spa Located on Main Street in Old Town, downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake. It boasts luxurious hotel accommodations, world-class spas and acclaimed restaurants.Additionally, it offers space for weddings and events gate tower — One of the most historic buildings in town.

So, how did Kristin get into TikTok? Well, she started uploading videos during the 2020 pandemic, when she was “trapped at home staring at the wall and having to be quiet while my three kids tried virtual learning for the first time on their laptops.”

However, unlike other stars who like to dance, lip-sync, etc., she started to share her family’s experience. “It took me a solid 5 minutes to realize that people found our family lovable and loved the comedy,” she recalls. Since then, she has never looked back.

But while she genuinely enjoys creating content about mental health, advocating for disability rights, and her childhood experiences, Kristen is best known for her hilarious renditions of the day-to-day life of our family.

Find her machinery at “autismoma.ca,” and in the meantime, be sure to check out her Amazon storefront for featured items.

Related FAQs

  • TikTok Kristin London on Instagram?

Christine is on IG @autism. But now, she seems to have logged out of her account.

Also, find her on TikTok @Christa London and Youku @Christa London.

  • When is TikTok Christine London’s birthday?

Kristen received her birthday wishes on March 28, and she is an Aries.

  • How tall is TikTok Kristin London?

Kristen is 5’7″ (170 cm).

Referring to her regional features, Kristen has blue eyes, a rectangular face and a fit body.

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