Who Is Teesta Setalvad? Journalist Arrested By Anti Terrorism Squad Charges Explained

Popular social activist and Journalist Teesta Setalvad have been arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Squad in Mumbai. Teesta Setalvad has been arrested by the Gujarat Anti Terrorist Squad, in Mumbai. Teesta has been arrested by ATS for connection in a case on her NGO. Teesta Setalvad has been arrested by the ATS for spreading false information to the special investigation team in the 2022 Gujarat Riots. Teesta is also the secretary of the organization named Citizens for justice and peace.

This organization has been formed to speak up for the victims of the 2002 Gujarat Riots. Teesta was arrested by Gujarat ATS, just a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and some other prominent leaders were acquitted by the Supreme court of India for their alleged involvement in the 2002 communal riots of Gujarat. As this news broke out, many people started searching about Teesta Setalvad, so in today’s article, we will tell you all about Teesta Setalvad. Teesta Setalvad is an activist and a popular journalist, who is known for speaking for the victims of the 2002 communal riots of Gujarat.

Who Is Teesta Setalvad?

Teesta and her husband Javed have been quite vocal about these riots and have always seen speaking up for the victims of these riots. According to the reports, Teesta and her husband have been opposing and defaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government since he was a Chief Minister of Gujarat. Teesta Setalvad is the daughter of the lawyer Atul Setalvad and his wife Sita Setalvad. She is the granddaughter of India’s first Attorney General MC Setalvad. Teesta Setalvad completed her graduation from Bombay University.

Teesta did a bachelors in the field of philosophy, later she made a career in the field of Journalism and media. Teesta Setalvad has been associated with many prominent and popular media outlets. She has worked with many prominent and popular Newspapers in India including The Indian Express. She had a tremendous career as a journalist in the 90s. Teesta Setalvad was one of the most popular and prominent faces in English journalism in India. Teesta earned a massive amount of name and fame all during her career.

She covered the communal riots of 1993 in Maharashtra. Although after covering these riots she and her husband Javed Left their jobs and started a monthly magazine and an NGO organization. The couple started their NGO organization and involved many prominent personalities in their organization. According to the latest reports Teesta Setalvad will be in police remand until 2 July. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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