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Who is Tara Ballou?(Video released after second person arrested for child abuse at daycare)Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Who is Tara Baru?

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office released surveillance video Wednesday showing two Odessa daycare workers suspected of child abuse.

In the video, Tara Ballou, 28, can be seen undressing a boy before forcing him to the ground. At one point, the video shows Ballou supporting a child with the weight of his legs.

The video also showed Liu Rong, 51, the co-owner of the nursery, with her legs on the back of a child who was kicking wildly below her.

arrested and charged

The two employees were arrested for child abuse, but it has been months since the initial allegations were reported. Ballou was arrested on Tuesday but worked at Children’s Imagination Academy until June 29.

The director and co-owner of the same daycare center was also arrested for child abuse after authorities said Liu pulled a child by the head and neck and put his legs on the child to hold him down. She was arrested on Friday, but the alleged incident also occurred in June.

“I was contacted by an officer,” Kelly Autry said.

That’s how she found out her son may have been abused in a case being investigated by police.

“It was like every parent’s worst nightmare. My stomach fell to the ground,” Autry added.

She said she got the call on June 28 after she dropped her son off at a day care center.

“I turned around to pick him up from class,” the mother said.

According to Autry, certain emails show that she notified the nursery the next day when she took the child out of class and was frustrated that she was unaware of the allegations when detectives began investigating a week ago.

Although Autrey said she was notified a week later, some parents are only now finding out.


Mandy and Nick Richardson discovered what happened at their daughter’s nursery after Autrey posted the inspection report on Facebook. She said an investigation had been launched and that the owner of the facility would not hand over surveillance video to authorities unless there was a search warrant.

“It’s not acceptable when we have to find out the ground truth through social media platforms,” ​​Nick said. “Some sort of alert system would be great to keep us informed.”


10 Tampa Bay contacted Hillsborough County Public Schools saying they did not communicate with parents about the investigation; this was due to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office notifying parents as it was the lead child abuse investigation mechanism.

Police have increased the time spent at the nursery while the investigation is ongoing, but have no authority to remove staff while the investigation is ongoing.

“That’s not right,” Autry said.

She also said that if the county is responsible for permitting, closing or removing teachers from facilities, it should do more to protect students.

“They should notify parents immediately. Let us know what’s going on. Our kids can’t speak for themselves. We have to be the ones doing it for them,” Autry said.

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