Who is Surekha Yadav India’s first female Loco pilot of Vande Bharat Express, biography, age, education, images, Twitter

India is a land where women are worshiped in the form of goddesses.Know who is Surekha Yadav and Her Biography

Since ancient times, Indian women have been considered not only as symbols of strength and power, but also as equals to men, but sadly, this has changed over time. Recently, Indian women are becoming more powerful after years of foreign domination and colonization that have degraded them socially.

Who is Surekha Yadav India’s first Vande Bharat Express locomotive pilot, biography, age, education, state, pictures, twitter

Surekha Yadav: Asia’s first female railway driver

Recognizing the potential of Indian women at home and abroad, they are given the responsibility of respected positions. From flying planes to driving express trains, Indian women can do everything.

Surekha Yadav is the latest name among these successful women. She became the first Indian woman to become a trained train driver. Train drivers are called locomotive drivers.

Surekha Yadav is the first locomotive driver in all of Asia. Let us know the story of Surekha Yadav becoming a railway driver.

Who is Surekha Yadav?

On September 2, 1965, Surekha Yadav, Asia’s first female locomotive pilot, was born in Maharashtra. She received her early education at St Paul’s Convent High School in Satara. To further her education, she attended vocational training courses and later obtained a diploma in electrical engineering.

Surekha Yadav’s Ambition

As a child, Surekha wanted to be a teacher, not a locomotive driver. She had planned to earn a bachelor’s degree in education. degree and become a teacher. However, later her path changed and she decided to join the railways.

Surekha Yadav’s job in railway sector

Surekha had a fascination with technical background and training from an early age. In 1986, she passed the written test and interview, and successfully entered the railway work. Later, Surekha was appointed as an assistant driver at Kalyan Training School. In 1989, the training ended and he was promoted to be the chief and co-pilot.

Surekha Yadav’s Career

Surekha started her railway career as a freight train driver. Slowly, her driving skills are getting better and better. In 2000, she was promoted to female car worker. She drives trains on the Queen Deccan to CST route in Pune, considered one of the most dangerous railway routes.

In 1988, she became the first woman in the country to operate a train. Yadav was given the opportunity to operate the “Women’s Line” local train in April 2000 when then-Rails Minister Mamata Banerjee first opened it in four major cities.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2011, Surekha Yadav made another historic feat by becoming Asia’s first female train driver.

She has won various awards for her achievements at the state and federal level.

Recently, Surekha Yadav, Asia’s first female locomotive driver, drove the newly opened semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Express train. She accomplished the feat on Monday while driving a semi-high-speed train between Solapur station and Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal (CSMT).

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