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Who is Stepan Dolgikh?(Jealous groom beat his new bride to death on their wedding day) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Stepan Dorgikhevich

Biography of Stepan Dorzik

Who is Stepan Doljik?

A jealous groom has been jailed for 18 years for beating his new wife in front of shocked guests on their wedding day.

Stepan Dolgikh, 35, beat his wife Oksana Poludentseva, 36, to death before dumping her body in a ravine in Novosibirsk, Russia.

The stubborn killer told the court he believed his new girlfriend had been cheating on him.

Dolgikh has been convicted of murder before, but his wife, who knew him when he was in prison as a pen pal, believed she could tame him.

Witnesses said he started kicking one of the men’s mother, Poludentseva, because she was “jealous” of her communication with another guest at the wedding party at the private house in Chik village. .

He told himself he accused his new wife of “misbehaving.”


Other guests were reportedly too afraid to intervene, but continued beatings in the street and called police.

He continued to attack her inside the house.

He “grabbed her by the hair, hit her, pushed her into the street, and continued to hit her body and head.” When she looked lifeless, she “threw her into a nearby gorge”.

The incident happened just hours after the couple exchanged vows at their wedding.

Other guests were reportedly afraid to intervene but called police.

The groom was detained on the spot by the Russian National Guard. Dolgih confessed to the murder, said Petrusin, a senior regional detective with the Russian Investigative Committee.

“He beat her for a long time in front of witnesses and hit her vital organs, torso and head,” he said.

He said he “completely admitted his guilt during the investigation” but did not repent.

“I was jealous of her being with one of her male guests,” Petrusin said.

In the eyes of her husband, he acted incorrectly, which caused a scandal. The others were afraid of him, so they tried to intervene but were rejected.

A friend said: “She really loves him and she is looking forward to releasing her.”

The man has previous convictions for murder and robbery, but Poludentseva believes she can help him make amends.

“The deceased knew her criminal record,” Petrusin said.

They met while he was serving time in prison for previous crimes.

He added: “She doesn’t think that such a person would cross the line and commit a serious crime when she was drinking or being in a fit of rage.”

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