Who Is Shontover Kirkland? Prison for woman who caused two deaths in Clarks Hill Lake

A Georgia woman, Shontover Kirkland, receives a one-year sentence with nine years of probation for shoving a man off a pontoon boat and into a lake in northeast Georgia, resulting in the deaths of both the guy who was pushed and another man who followed him into the water. In April of last year, the incident took place at a boat launch on Clarks Hill Lake. Shontover admitted to charges of involuntary manslaughter. Let us find out who is the woman and about her charges and more details in the article below.

According to reports, the Georgia woman pleaded guilty to reckless conduct and two counts of involuntary manslaughter Tuesday in connection with the drowning deaths of two men in 2021. Kirkland was sentenced to serve a year in prison and nine years of probation. Two men who reportedly died after the woman pushed them into the lake have been identified as Edward Lee Kirk and Eynn Wilson.

The woman pushed Edward into Clarks Hills Lake, according to the police. Edward’s friend jumped into the water to save him but within some time, they both disappeared in the water. At the time of her arrest, Kirkland, who was 32, had rented two pontoon boats for the accident day. More than a dozen individuals were reportedly on the boats for a birthday celebration, according to news sources.

Kirkland “did unlawfully endanger the bodily safety of Edward Lee Kirk, by consciously disregarding a substantial and unjustifiable risk that her act of pushing him off a boat into deep, cold water on Clarks Jill Lake without knowing whether or not he could swim would endanger the safety of said person and the disregard constituted a gross deviation from the standard care which a reasonable person would exemplify,” according to a report. Now, it is coming forward that the Georgia woman admitted pushing the men into the lake and even went on to apologize to their respective families.

However, an apology can not fix their mental states as they have lost their precious ones. On another side, the officials broke up a confrontation that involved friends and family of Kirkland and the victims. Shontover Kirkland might have been arrested and confessed to her crime, but it does not bring back the two lost lives. The families are currently mourning their loved ones’ unfortunate deaths. Stay tuned with us for more such updates and the latest piece of news.

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