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Who Is Sheri Nicole? Is She Pregnant With Husband Monty Lopez? Single Mom Pregnancy News Explained

Recently the name Sheri Nicole has come on the internet and this name circulating on social media platforms. Currently, people are very curious to know about Sheri Nicole and whether is she really pregnant or not. In this article, we will tell you about her. As per the report, Sheri Nicole is an American social media influencer, and she is known for being a celebrity mother, and fashion influencer, and for her entertaining videos on Tik Tok. She is the mother of very popular internet star Addison Rey. Recently her name is trending on social media platforms and now many fans are very curious to know her. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article.

According to the exclusive report, Sheri Nicole is known as a single mother because she and her hubby, Monty Lopez are fighting since he had an affair with another girl who is 25 years old a few months ago. As per the report, Sheri may be not pregnant in 2022 because she broke up with her husband a few months ago after that she did not date anyone. After a difficult time in their lives, Addison Rey’s mom and dad decided to stop talking to each other and move on. Even though Nicole and Lopez appear to have broken up, he still lists Nicole as his wife on his profile.

Who Is Sheri Nicole?

Addison’s family members have been following the trend of stopping to follow family members on social media. She stopped following her father on Instagram. She appears to stop following her mother on Instagram soon after breaking up with her dad, Monty Lopez, on Instagram. A few months ago she decided and she reported that her dad had a relationship with 25-year-old influencer Renée Ash. Sheri and her husband, Monty Lopez are not going to have any other child.

In July 2022, people started conversing about her husband on social media, and when she changed her Instagram bio to say that she was a single mother. Still, Sheri Nicole and Monty Lopez may be married lawfully, but currently, they are not living together. Everything started in June 2022, when Sheri said that Monty had been having an affair with a 25-year-old woman. Sheri Nicole’s real name is Sheri Nicole Easterling, is a social media star and TikTok star from the United States and her net worth is around $2 million. Here we have shared all the information which we had. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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