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Who is Shaun Dowling?(IT expert, 31, hanged himself at his mother’s house after he attacked his Chinese heiress fiancée following split) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sean Dowling Wiki

Sean Dowling Biography

Who is Sean Dowling?

UCL graduate Shaun Dowling, 31, committed suicide after suffering a mental health breakdown following a series of personal traumas including assault, debt and the loss of his £1.5million Cotswold home.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard the “genius” computer expert was found by his mother at his Hampshire home on August 2 last year after being forced to return home.


Mr Dowling, who was arrested for assaulting his ex-fiancee Kim Mills (pictured), also had a pending charge of breaching bail by visiting her at the time of his suicide.

Mr Dowling’s research has heard that the highly intelligent computer engineer has completed two master’s degrees, one in Mathematical Engineering at the University of Bristol and the other in Machine Learning at UCL.

His father, Mike Dowling, said he had an “unconventional career path” and took high-paying jobs at various startups.

Mr Dowling then established his own successful investment company with his wealthy fiancée Mrs Mills, who had inherited her mother’s vast fortune at a young age.

The couple live on a farm in the Cotswold suburb of Chipping Norton, an Oxfordshire market town where residents include celebrities such as David Beckham, Jeremy Clarkson and David Cameron.

Dowling had “everything to live for,” according to her research, but in the fall of 2020, when her engagement fell apart, her mental health began to decline.

Yoga teacher Ms Mills could no longer cope with her bizarre behaviour, her relationship fell apart and Mr Dowling was arrested for assaulting her, the inquest heard.

It was also around this time that Dorian’s relationship with his father declined over disagreements over her way of life.


Winchester Coroner’s Court heard the “genius” computer expert was found by his mother at his Hampshire home on August 2 last year after he was forced to return home.

Later, in April 2021, he breached her bail conditions by returning to her home and “scare” her. He came to the police station and was later charged with breach of bail.

At this point, Mr Dowling’s mental state rapidly declined and he was admitted to a mental hospital in June 2021 for being in a manic state.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard he had been “expressing grand ideas” and was “out of touch with reality”. When he came out of his mania, he remembered his social situation and huge debt, became more depressed, and started talking about “it’s okay to die”. Despite the advice of some of his care team, Mr Dowling successfully applied to the Mental Health Tribunal and was discharged from Highgate Hospital in London.

The doctor in charge of his care during his hospital stay argued that his caesarean section should not have been called off because he was “too fast” and “everything will fall apart”.

Dr Suzy Carmen said she was “surprised” that some of Mr Dowling’s orders had been lifted because “his condition is still very poor”.

Mr Dowling lived in Overton with his mother after being discharged from hospital.

“When he started talking about suicide, I didn’t know how to help him,” said his mother Pam.

However, he appeared to be on an “upward trajectory” after a dressing change, the inquest heard.

Mr Dowling repairs his damaged relationship with his father and they start discussing what to do with his debts.

However, his mother found her son hanged on August 2 last year, the day she was supposed to see a psychiatrist.

Mr Dowling, who grew up in Hampshire, is said to come from a “stable” and “loving” family and has “many friends”.

He is “focused on physical and mental health” and enjoys teaching Pilates, martial arts and life coaching.

His psychologist, Dr Jeff Warburton, who treated Dowling three months before his death, told the inquest that Dowling “wanted to find something that would make the world a better place”.

Dr. Warburton added: “(Mr. Dowling) is the only client I’ve worked with in over 30 years of practice whose therapy is solely focused on improving the world.”

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